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  1. I am taking 100 mg once a day and recently started experiencing what looks like tons of tiny pimples on my chest and up my neck, maybe this is part of a purging process? Read more information about Spironolactone- Generic
  2. I have generic Spironolactone that comes in 100mg tablets from Target (manf. by Qualitest). I would find a different pharmacy if they're telling you they don't make it that high. I'm guessing it's a stock issue and not an actual manufacturing one. Good luck! Here is a good link to find more information about Spironolactone Tablets.
  3. Well, I just got a shot today and the injection sites do bleed but that’s cleaned up quickly before the bandaid is even put on. My Derm mixes it with lidocaine so there is a slight burn and then some slight numbness which is nice when you’ve dealt with nothing but pain and itching. It is better to do it when the cyst is smaller I waited a bit long this time around but I’m seeing the swelling and redness decrease and I got the shot about 5 1/2 hours ago. Hopefully in the next few days, it will he