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  1. Desperate for some advice! Suffered with bad skin for years and been back and forth to my GP. My acne covers my whole chin and above my mouth area but lately has appeared on my forehead which I have never suffered with! The prescriptions seem to work and then once I stop taking them my acne comes back with vengeance. Been on the pill since 2017 then was adviced to come off for health reasons (bare in my mind was skin was so clear) but omg once I stopped taking the pill my acne
  2. Yeah eventually went hospital and found out I suffered a severe allergic reaction! All cleared up now tho thank you.
  3. Please can someone give me some advice!! I dabbed the acnecide gel to my spots (forehead, t zone and chin) and left overnight, woke up today with burn marks in the places I applied the gel which were all very red, sore and tight! I immediately washed my face with cold water and removed the gel then finished with the simple moisturiser. Couple hours later and my skin is still really sore and almost blister like? Ive put some aloe vera on now and hoping for the best overnight but my wh