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  1. Thanks for the info, and I'll look that up for supporting claims. But, still, I wasn't about to read 48 pages! 48 + replies that can be several pages themselves is too much for late night light reading. Here is something I found:
  2. I didn't read all of the replies, but I would like to make one comment on this regimen and my experiences with it. Please note the same old rule: everything works differently for everyone. 1. SA makes sense. You need to exfoliate. But for some reason I could never adapt to it. It always makes me break out. 2. The C&C BP cleanser is bad for 2 reasons: A) It's chuck full of so many irritants. Menthol? Yeah, and it's strong as heck. And what is this I see? Mineral Oil? It contains something n
  3. Yeah, see, I am already in plans to take B6, Zinc, and Saw Palmetto to reduce 5alpha-reductase. Not because of acne, but because of prostate and hair pattern benefits. I'll let everyone know how it affects my acne...
  4. Read the following on a hair loss website: Topical application of zinc has shown to reduce sebum prodcution and acne. Also some people suffering fron acne have been found to have zinc deficiencies in their skin, inspite of the fact that they may have normal levels within their bloodstream. Any comments?
  5. I would think that, for all the people who swear diet affects acne, that dairy would be much worse than soy. One minute dairy will kill ya, now soy is off limits? What the heck? I guess we have to live off of air, water, and lawn clippings now. p.s. For all of you talking about supplements that inhibit or affect things like DHT and 5 alpha-reductase type crap...I couldn't help but notice the mentioning of Saw Palmetto extract. I recently gathered some information and have been considering addin
  6. Update: The C&C Continuous control cleanser with BP is harsh! The menthol is a bit too strong, and the fact that it contains mineral oil is worrying me. If it doesn't clear me up than I am going to eliminate it from my routine. I am currently using C&C Morning Burst Cleanser every morning and every other night. Every other night I use the BP cleanser. So far I am not happy with the results. I have 2 fresh pimples on my face and my nose is starting to look textured again. I never thoug
  7. I currently cleanse with Cetaphil bar twice a day, and I do a purifying masque once a week. That's all. From age 16-19 I never had much acne, just the occasional monster zit every couple of months. And I never did anything to my face, just hot water everyday. But about 6 months ago I started getting small ones all over my forehead and nose, so I decided to grab a gentle cleanser. I'm back to being relatively acne free, but my forehead is started to dry up, even with moisturizer. And my nose no
  8. Dan's regimen may not be perfect, but at least he gives it away for free. That LAST ACNE SOLUTION was a rip. I found the website and got into it quite deeply, only to end with "ok, now buy my book for the true solution." The author bloviates to hell and back on the website, hardly ever making a point. All in all s/he says it's mostly about cleansing the body out, especially the liver. If that is true, then why are most raging alcoholics I know zit-free?
  9. Here is a neat article I found, sounds decent: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2003/06/11/...ain558084.shtml
  10. I'm going to put this in simple terms: cutting all dairy, all gluten, and foods as common as potatoes out of your diet leaves you with a VERY small list of possible dishes. You'll find 95% of products at stores to be off limits. You also find your wallet shrinking as you scramble to stay in the organic section...