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  1. taking vitamins like A&E can put a burden on your liver, if your liver cant function properly it wont be able to filter out all the crap in your system, which could result in Acne. A&E are fat soluble vitamins, your body cant rid itself of the excess if you take to much. Taking these daily is probably not a good idea.
  2. UPDATE: I would not recommend trying this on anything but your nose. Or not at all, it was kind a dumb on my part and I ended up with severe irritation after a few days (except not on my nose). BP+ BHA is okay BP + AHA is okay But I really dont like BP anymore, it has so many undesirable side affects.
  3. The Paula's Choice BHA product is salicylic acid, not glycolic. It is actually extremely mild, and an excellent choice for sensitive skin. It is oil-soluble, so it penetrates and exfoliates the pores. Glycolic acid exfoliates the surface of the skin .... it is good for red marks and can be an effective part of an acne regimen as well. It is extremely irritating, though, and needs to be used with caution. Mandelic acid is partially oil-soluble; it exfoliates the pores AND surface of the skin, t
  4. I've been on ACV for a week now and I have been able to stop using BP because of it. My skins the same as when I was using BP on a daily basis except I dont feel like crap all day because of the BP and all its related issues.
  5. I would just be careful to ensure that you dont peel the skin off your nose. Tane will make you extra sensitive/thin out your skin.
  6. Do you mean at the same time or one in the morning and the other in the evening? Ive just ordered 8% AHA gel and I plan on using it in the evening (currently using BHA twice a day) Well, the Acne Gel I'm referring to contains both 2% SA and 10% Glycolic Acid. I use BHA gel 2% in the morning & 8% AHA in the evenings I Also put a small amount of BHA on my nose in the evenings and then layer AHA on top of that. My nose does not seem to be sensitive to anything so this is okay
  7. BP has the potential to give you semi permanent wrinkles. It dehydrates your skin to the point that your skin could possibly crack creating wrinkles. Last week I had this big pimple that I was treating with BP and it caused the skin around it to become so dehydrated that I could see every little pore in the area (normally you cannot see any of the pores on my forehead) it also caused this deep set in wrinkle that had me worried. HOWEVER as I cut back on BP and exfoliated the area the wrinkle
  8. Ive done allot fo reserach on saw palmetto and have never heard of it causing acne. it reduces the DHT in your blood and may help your acne. It will also help with hair-loss (if you have any). I would not worry about it at all, continue taking saw palmetto. I would recommend making an appointment with a holistic doctor/herbalist and getting an assessment on your life style and how you could improve your diet etc.
  9. Since starting my acne journey one of the first things I read was that AHA and BHA should not be used together as they can cause severe irritation. So this week I have started to use AHA. I was sick of the baby brush method, and all of the scrubs were to harsh. my second night I thought I would try BHA +AHA on my nose since its not as sensitive as the rest of my skin / is allot more blackhead prone - And its been working beautifully! not only has it not been irritating, but my pores are ge
  10. I would alternate between one during the day and the other at night for another 3-4 weeks before combining the two together. But once you are used to both products individually they can be combined without a problem (remember that you cant use GC and BP together).
  11. how long have you been using BHA?