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  1. Hello guys. sorry for being away for so long. I totally forgot I had a log going. I'm currently on my 5th month and I have picture updates for you. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v94/Joes...icture002-1.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v94/Joes...icture001-1.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v94/Joes...eandafter-1.jpg Here they are. My skin is feels smooth and feels great. I never get breakouts like i used to. (i used to get crazy random breakouts). the only problem that I have is
  2. Month 1: Steady Month 2: A bit worse, but not that noticable Month 3: Crazy Break outs Month 4: Stops This is how I'm going right now
  3. well im on my 4th month and I'm as horny as I ever was.
  4. Don't worry. YOu'll be okay. The blood test are nothing(before accutane I was scared of needles, now I dont mind it).
  5. Hello. i'm concern since I am currently on my 3rd month (almost 4th) and I see no improvement. Is this normal because its becoming quite depressing seeing no improvement. To tell you the truth, I started to break out. My other friends who took accutane keeps telling me to be patient. i dont know anymroe.
  6. yeah thanks. I usually drink without thinking, but last night I knew I was on accutane and it was in my head.
  7. Day 15 Hello guys. I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. I'll try to post on a daily basis. I've been really busy with school work and now I just landed a job. I just finished my blood work and everything seemed okay. Yesterday, I skipped my dose of 40mg and decided to drink 2-3 beers with friends. I woke up next morning pretty crappy. I was so dehydrated that I drank like 15 bottles of waters. I learned my lesson to not drink while on accutane. I'll post pictures once a month is past. Side E
  8. I'm on my 15th day and last night I skipped my dose and drank 2-3 beers, making sure I don't go overboard. This whole day I felt very shitty. Do you think I should check it out or am I thinking too much? Also after I drank alcohol, it seems I'm more dehydrated. Is this normal? Last question: I skipped my dose of 40 mg per day. It was supposively my 15th day. Should I continue my dose and finish all 60 pills (2 x 20mg pills per day) or should I just forget two pills. Thanks guys.
  9. Day 4 Side effects: Neck and back pains are killing me. Small breakouts (not much) Dry Lips =(
  10. Thanks ThatAznKid343 and Tyler Evans Day 3 Today was a pretty good day. I woke up and saw my face and it seemed clearer everywhere besides my nose. I went with my friend to eat at a diner for breakfast and had my pill. After I head over to Toys 'R' Us to pick up my super smash bros brawl for an hour and half. This game is pretty sick which I played for until I had to watch the Rangers vs. Bruins. Rangers won of course. I'm feeling good about accutane. I'll keep you updated.
  11. Only 40 mg a day? I will be starting out at 80mg. How long did the dermatologist say it would take until you got off the Accutane?
  12. Good Luck man. Your side effects don't sound that bad compared to the one's I heard of. I hope my face don't turn red though because my friends tend to make fun of my "Asian Glow" after I drink a lot. It'll suck if I have it for a few weeks. Keep up the good work.
  13. Thanks ThatAznKid343. I just had my second pill of the day and all I can say is that I am exhausted. It's only 7:00 and I'm ready to go for a nice long sleep. Maybe longer sleep would do me good. =D
  14. I wear contacts only when I go out. At home, I either am sleeping or using my glasses. I just hope my eyes don't go bad on me.
  15. Thanks Bob. I really hope it clears up fast. Day 2 Last night, I fell asleep earlier then I expected. Is accutane supposed to make u tired? I woke up this morning feeling confident about accutane. I took a shower and washed my face with cetaphil. I saw two new pimples fresh on my face which I hope is nothing much. My face and lips are dry, but thank god to blistex and moisturizer. I haven't had dry eyes yet, so I had it easy putting my contacts on (backup plan-Artificial Tears/Drops). I just h