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  1. Has anyone ever heard about this one treatment that Dermatologist use when you have cyst, what they do is poke the cyst with a needle and make all the stuff come out. My cousin had severe acne and they did this to her. She has no pimples but now has scars.
  2. Is there like a BP soap bar? I know there are some with sulfur but i just want to know if there are some with BP that are good.
  3. This summer I have gotten the worse acne I ever had. I have cyst that are inflamated and swollen on my lower sided of my face(close to neck). I dont know why this has happend. My parents think that it might be something with my blood. I have an appointment to see a Derm but its until August. So is there something out there that can help with this, thank you.
  4. I have tried this regiment for about a week now. Everytime I take the pills in the morning my face starts burning and itching, also my arms get red and itchy. I dont know why this happens? I really want to stick to this regiment. I have inflamated acne on the bottom sided of my face and thats where it burns and itchs. so please help
  5. I bought this thinking it was going to actutally work for me when I watched the commercial that says in 3 days your face will improve. It didn't work. My face didn't improve and it made it worse by making my face real itchy. At night I would wake up feeling itchy and burning. I sometimes couldn't sleep. When I would wake up I would be real glad cause I would then take a shower and clean it off. As time passed by I notice no improvement and the itching didn't stop. I have stoped using this
  6. My doctor gave me this for my acne Clindamycin Phosphate Gel USP 1% 60 grams. I never heard of this medication, has anyone ever try this?
  7. I recently got some cyst on my face, or I think thats what they are. They look like mosquito bites but bigger and they kind of made the area around it swollen. Why does this happen and what medication is good to prevent this stuff.
  8. This product does make your skin feel real dry and irritating. I put it on once and my skin felt like it was burning. It also makes your skin itchy.
  9. So is this product good? I've seen the commercial were it says that in 3 days it improves your skin.
  10. How should one treat a cyst? Like what products work best.