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  1. There are I fact reports on here of people using FMT successfully. Search FMT. If you are UK based you can get it done at the Taymount clinic.
  2. Gladskin will be effective if you have a staph infection. If it’s not been immediately effective for you then that suggests it’s not a staph related issue which allows you to rule out that bacteria at least. Have you looked into FMT as I totally agree these conditions stem from the internal and that topical solutions seem to be temporary for everyone in this thread.
  3. There is a thread on here with a couple of people who had amazing results from it. Search ‘FMT’ or ‘fecal transplant’ in the search bar. Would like to hear from others who have done it.
  4. Has anybody else had any success with this method? Am very interested to hear from more FMT patients for skin conditions.
  5. Anybody have any updates on how they’re doing? I’ve been advised to try accutane but seems like a lot of guys here got this condition after taking accutane?!
  6. @the_aryan_jew - did you manage to find a solution. I have the same problem as you.
  7. Hi guys. Have been following this thread. I suffer from the same after several rounds of antibiotics. See attached pics. Do you guys find your pustules to be extremely itchy? Also, I've been reading up on fecal transplants. I've read of successes with this technique. Anyone tried it?