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  1. Yeah, when I first started using the cleansing bar it cleared me up really well. It has become less effective over time which I think is down to my skin building up a resistance. They contain a moisturising agent so don't dry me out at all. I understand the cost of shipping, everything has to come from the US nowadays. Huge pain.
  2. Hey ruth, best thing to do is use BP as a topical instead of all over your face. It's important to know and understand that BP contains free radicals that have been directly linked to cancer. This is what they don't tell you.

  3. I've never ever plugged a product during my 7 years on this board but i'm going to break my duck with this product. Has anyone ever heard of a brand called Sebamed? I recently stumbled upon them while I was looking for a new cleanser and i'm so so glad I did. I noticed immediate improvements in my skin and a week later I was pretty much clear. http://www.pharmacy2u.co.uk/sebamed-clear-...-bar-p5299.html I use it every day and night, along with moisturising. It's a quick-fix for anyone looki
  4. Thanks for your advice :angel: , so you said I should just keep using it everyday and it will probably go back to normal. Are you sure the skin can't heal itself anymore while on prolonged use of bp, like if I ever wanted to stop using it would my skin not ever again be able to heal itself or would it just take a while to go back to normal functioning if I stopped bp? I like the way bp gets my skin clear but it does bug me how thin it makes my skin and how the spots take longer to heal. Sometim
  5. I know people don't want to hear it but you should only use BP as a topical, nothing more. On the spot it's fine, all over the face will destroy your skin in the long-term. I have been using it for 6 years, I know what i'm talking about.
  6. I think it's more a case of her missing 5 nights than anything else. If she tightens up her regimen and does it everyday she will be back to clear skin.
  7. Stop erythromycin, it's shit. Get yourself some BP and apply it on the spot only, not all over your face. You will see results within a week.
  8. When you apply BP all over your face for a prolonged period your skin becomes addicted to the chemicals within it and gradually loses the ability to heal itself naturally. If you've started down the path of applying it everyday then it's normal to expect breakouts when an application is missed. Me personally, whenever I don't apply it I breakout. I imagine it's the same for everyone who has been using BP for months or years. Having said all that, the breakout you are experiencing could be sim
  9. I'm not sure about blue personally. I'm no expert but it does look like you've been avatar'd. Your face is fucking beautiful Kai but i'm just not feeling the blue.
  10. Excellent, really pleased to hear that. Resisted accutance so far but may have to give it a go very soon if my new regimen doesn't sort me out. Fingers crossed!

  11. Water only actually works. I wash with luke warm water to open my pores and then splash cold water on my face to close them. Initial breakouts as expected but the texture has improved.
  12. Didn't your doctor lay out all the details on accutane when he prescribed it to you? I recommend you read a few of these > Accutane Logs < so you know what to expect.
  13. I've never been on Accutane so I don't know how bad the side effects are or how long the healing process lasts. All I know is you have to be patient with this drug and let it do it's thing. Also, have you tried not using any products on your face at all? Your skin is amazingly adaptive. Try washing your face with warm water every morning and night and applying lemon juice afterwards at night.
  14. I'd start on the 2.5% BP and see how drying that is first. It's just as good as the 5% with less flakes. I've had a look at your gallery and it isn't too bad. What is your current regime? I'd recommend using natural products rather than harsh chemicals like BP and salicylic acid. BP contains free radicals that have been directly linked to cancer so I wouldn't start down that path. Try lemon juice all over the face before bed. It will sting at first but will improve texture. Otherwise I would r