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  1. now 2 weeks clear no more break out I am using Hamalya salt no dairy I ate rice with meat 3 times now still sweetie blocking some times I take probaiotic still fine no break out
  2. I put At morning little organic salt with coconut oil spoon with empty stomach now one week clear
  3. 3 days before I started mix organic Salt with coconut oil on empty stomach
  4. sodium will effect on your Achlorhydria in you stomach So whatever you eat, not all vitamins will be digested this photo after salt
  5. hi Guys I have good experience last week 5years before I blocked the salt from my meals and drinking water 0 sodium Last week I read an article on the importance of sodium I started eating organic salt in the morning and evening ... after three days pustules completely disappeared Do you expect the cause of the disease to be a lack of minerals? any one tried Hair mineral analysis
  6. I tried Kefir 3 months now I have less pustules maybe 2 Still using Candida diet daily I eat bone broth Drinking 3 liters of Camel milk using Propaiotic 2 times coconut oil I feel more better but still feeling weak at morning Insomia at night
  7. I prepare by my self at home you can use any kind if milk because no more Lactose will remain in the milk if use milk with kefir you can use also Goat milk or cows you can found Kefir In amazon many saler are there then open youtube to watch thousands of videos how to make kefir any one ask what is kafir please read this tobic https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/9-health-benefits-of-kefir and here the benefits
  8. I start using probiotic last week kaifr with milk no more breakout Gralic with yoghurt now 2 weeks without ant breakout I will continue and give you feedback soon
  9. not everyone 50% of people have it but some time it is responsible of skin rashes
  10. I talked to my Doctor he said some people it is effecting Zits in there face Now he give me 3 capsules of Antibiotics 4 times per day 120 capsules per 10 days I am going to try and share my experience but till now It is looks that main reason of this issue
  11. there is another test they make by breath I did this test showed positive I am sure this is the issue
  12. I did Urea Breath test today also show positive and over range Lab result Attached
  13. Hi Guys I am 43 man from Kuwait I do body building eating healthy foods without sugar one day i have this Zits in my face for one year ago I do not know how many lucky when i found this topic I had this problem Zits in face I tried all the medicines but without any healing mark I visited many doctors Conducted AIDS analysis Virus C analysis But in the end I discovered the main cause of this problem I discovered