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  1. the name doesn't bother me at all. in fact, i tell anyone who asks that i'm using acne.org products. i don't have acne at all. at least not anymore. and people tell me my skin is really nice. so even if the bottles display some awful swear words, i really wouldn't care who sees them, as long as these products continue to be available for sale. that said, i really do like the blue packaging a lot better.
  2. i totally agree. don't change it to a pump bottle please! people who want pumps can go out and get them. it's fine exactly the way it is. it's bad enough that the BP is in the pump bottle that is sputtering air at me right now. i don't need another product to do that as well.
  3. artless


    it sounds like the moisturiser MAY be the culprit. did you try another?
  4. my hair is black and bp doesn't bleach it. but my pillow cases look a right mess cos of the bp.
  5. oh no. that's the thing i'm worried about. it's normally a bitch to get the last bits out from a bottle. with the tube you could just cut it open and scrape the remaining stuff into a container. but the bottle looks like it'll take more effort to cut open.
  6. WTF. I thought you said Dan's was the best in the market, but you've never used it? i think arley mentioned the bp being the best in the market. not the AHA?
  7. i think this topic should be unpinned since the ingredient change was made ages ago. else everytime someone replies to this thread, some other people will think there has been a recent change.
  8. i love the AHA too. i still use the BP... but with BP, some pimples crop up now and then. since i started on the AHA i've been completely clear without even small pimples. it did help with the blackheads and whiteheads too. and my skin looks really, really smooth.
  9. seriously? i ordered one 16oz BP, three 8oz BP, and three 6oz AHA+ and the shipping cost me 40ish (to asia). why would shipping two of your items cost more?
  10. i still don't get what the fuss is about. just add the shipping costs to the actual price of the product and if you think it's way too expensive, then don't order. it's part and parcel of buying things online. i've purchased from websites that charge by order amount, not weight, which is completely ridiculous. a single cent over their nice little brackets, you pay the rate of their next tier. i'm really glad danielkern.com doesn't do that. did they ship the products by the next working day? if
  11. yeah, you already said it's 'exactly the same'. so why does it bother you so much? find out how much the shipping is, add it to the cost of the product and figure out whether it's worth it to you. that's what i do. it's not as if they make money out of shipping unlike some other online companies. the amount they actually pay for shipping tally with what i paid them, factoring in packaging costs. i stay in asia and it takes 1 week for the products to reach me with the cheapest shipping method.
  12. i'm chinese as well and considered very fair. i've been using the AHA+ for a week or so and there has been no problems. i can't say i've seen any improvement in my marks yet though.
  13. i think little bottles would cost way too much. why don't you just empty your packetts into little bottles of your own that you can easily reuse?
  14. i have naturally dry skin that gains its normal appearance with regular moisturising. i put dan's BP on my whole face every night without fail and it doesn't seem drying, unless i'm overzealous with it. the BP works for spot treating as well, but i'd prefer to get those damned zits BEFORE they start sprouting. it seems to work, my skin is usually clear nowadays. i don't use the recommended amount, and i only use once a day. i say start with less and see if you need more.
  15. i'm sorry, it also does not answer why you would put those countries in the list at the checkout form if you cannot ship to these countries. i understand that some people want to risk it anyway, but shouldn't there be warnings IN the checkout page itself instead of some other page then?