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  1. I agree, but with this new cream I'm on you pretty much wipe the zits off, it's weird. However I have picked a bit but a little make up fixes the red up nice
  2. Awesome, my accutane is finally kicking in now and skin is looking a lot better, but still not where I want it to be. CONGRATS again! I am happy for you! I was like that last summer too from Accutane and I hope to be like that soon as well for the remaining summer here.
  3. I found this very interesting and I am certainly going to do it after this course of accutane. Right now I am on my second course and I really don't want to go on a third after. I was told that taking 1 pill a week for long period after your done accutane works on preventing your acne from relapsing. It's apparently getting very popular and I am going to give it a try. Let me know what you think
  4. My god use this cream! It's unreal for stopping the spread of the pimples. AND it moisturizes AND it can be used 4 times a day and doesn't irritate the skin at all I can't say enough about this my acne is FINALLY clearing up! THANK YOU GOD! It's my birthday today and I my face is too bad to see my old friends but it's almost clear and I finally can. All I asked from god is to clear my face, and I think he might just do that
  5. 120 mg/day, my 3rd month, had a massive break out but starting to clear up with this addition cream
  6. After day 1 I think I really like this stuff, now to see if I wake up with new zits.
  7. Jesus just go on accutane man, it's the same dumbass people always on other boards that blame accutane for all there problems cause they have nothing else to blame. the one person blames it on his sounds brain damage, how ridiculous is that, the other person blames it for causing liver problems. However when someone asked how much she was on, she said 100 mg a day but for 2 months she was taking another prescription that had a high dose of vitamin A in it. Well you dumb bitch, did you ever thi
  8. When I was clear after my 1st course of accutane I had amazing confidence. The thing is bud don't worry about it. Want my honest advice for your situation right now? Wear make up, just give it a try I can guarantee you no one will notice, even if they do notice a different sort of complexion on your face, they don't think it's make up they think it's just dryness or something. Just buy a make up that matches your skin tone as much as possible, rub that shit in your face and you'll see how muc
  9. Personally oral antibiotics just don't work on some people including myself and by the sounds of it yourself. You could spend years trying to find the right antibiotic and there's a good chance you won't. Save yourself time and go on accutane before your acne get's worse. The other option is wait it out and a year down the road when you finally do go on accutane say, why the hell didn't I do this sooner? Like I said and many others.
  10. For the last 2 weeks I thought that leaving it dry was the solution, just kinda letting the accutane work it's magic. However, just when I thought all my zits had dried up some new ones would pop up. I think moisturizing is imporant now and I wish I did it earlier.
  11. actually it looks just like a normal moisturizer except with the antibiotic. It's suppose to be applied 3-4 times daily and it just stings a tad bit when you first put on but afterwards feels pretty good. Again this is my first day and I've only put it on once so only time will tell how effective it is. It certainly moisturizes well though so so far so good, just nice to have something else while on accutane. what I do find kind of odd is when I searched for it on the internet it just mention
  12. Actually you can feel the effects to accutane 3-6 months. Which is why all the relapses of acne occur around that long thereafter, because the accutane was still in there system and it is just starting to leave. This can be frustrating, I would recommend doing your research and printing some stuff out on the internet. Then bring it in with you highlighted and stuff, and just be like well off this webpage etc. Be nice about it because no doctor likes being told there wrong, they like to think
  13. Well, my derm gave me this cream today. It's suppose to be an antibiotic moisturizer of some sort. Let me know if you have any clue what this is and I'll also report back to you in a day or two on how it effects me.