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  1. Cause Im 100% Clear! Have been for about 2 weeks now! As most of you know, I battled pretty tough acne for a while. Her is what it took. Duac Topical Gel-Morning Retin A Micro-Night Minocycline-Morning and Night. Thats it, its over. I will no longer be visiting this site. Thank You to everyone for your help. It is done, its over. If you need to get rid of this crap, Id suggest the above regimen. 100% Clear!
  2. Ok, this is what Im supposed to do. Morning Duac Gel 1 Pill of Dynacin Night Retin A Micro 1 Pill of Dynacin Hope this works. [-o<
  3. Ive been using Proactive for about a Month now. Its helping, but im still getting pimples here and there every once in a while. The Derm in my area is supposed to be one of the best in the United States. I made this appointment with him over 5 months ago! Hopefully this could be the beginning of the end! [-o<
  4. One of my neighbors is a dermatologist. She told me yesterday that the FDA is now looking at a new pill that works twice as good as Accutane. She told me that some of the doctors she has talked to said this could be as close to a cure for Acne as they could get. She said it will take the FDA about 8-12 months to test the pill. This could be amazing news if they release this medicine! =D>
  5. I think its been a week, and all I have drank is water, PERIOD! My face is looking better every day. Not incredible improvements, but they are very noticeable! :)/ It seems that the few zits i am getting are very small, and the ones ive had forever are possibly fading. =D> If you are fed up, give it a try for one week, what do you have to lose? I used to be practically addicted to Cokes! SO if I can do it, I know you guys can! =D>
  6. Still havent had any coke. All I have had is water,since I dont like Tea. Havent noticed any difference though. #-o
  7. Alright, I'll try and experiment for the good of this web community! I, utvol, hereby declare that I will for the common good of acne fighters everywhere, stop drinking all soft drinks for one month. I understand that the cravings will become unberable at times, but by the grace of god, I will overcome the evil sugary substance known as Soft Drinks, for the good of my face, to kill the evil acne ( [-o< ) and hence give my Liver a break as well The Date----May 30, 2003 The Time----
  8. Ok, I Started College Last Year With NO,I Repeat NO Acne whatsoever. About the end of September, my face exploded, and I have been fighting it since. When I think about it, my diest mainly consisted of Greasy Chicken Sandwiches,Pizza, Greasy Mexican Food, Chicken Wings and Lots and Lots of Coke, (Soda,Pop, or whatever you want to call it! ) Maybe im seeing a corellation here! Any thoughts? I am home now, and since Im eating home cooked meals, my acne is getting better :-s
  9. but im 1/16th Native American, so that isnt going to happen! :-s
  10. Well, Ive been on Doxycycline for about 2 weeks now. The upper 3/4 of my face is completely 100% clear. =D> However, the lower jawline is still broken out. At least the battle isnt over my entire face now, back to battling acne, I may be on the verge of victory! =D>
  11. I am Male, these jawline pimples are pretty stubborn!
  12. Guys, Im completely clear, 100% except for my jawline, especially the right side, and under my ears. These are cystic I believe. You guys have any advice that could help, Thanks. =D>
  13. Growing up in the Bible Belt here in Georgia, virtually 100% of the people here are Christian. I know some of you are muslim,jewish,hindu or even atheist. Didnt mean to bring up such a heated issue. Take this for what its worth, but I truly believe that there is more here than what we can see. If you are telling me what we see when we look outside our windows was the result of nothing but a bunch of carbon, and other gases, then you can think that, but i cant. A few years ago, an acc
  14. Heres my story. High School-No Acne, Played Baseball, Football and was extremely outgoing and popular. Had many girlfriends, and luckily i have found one that id like to keep for a while! =D> I would have some very light Acne in the Wintertime, but it would go away after maybe 1 month. College-About September, i started getting a few on my face, big deal. But then it exploded, i would get huge cytic acne on my uper face, and all over my lower jawline. Ive tried the Regimen, ive tr
  15. Ya Know! If it was on my back, or chest or anything else, i wouldnt care. When you look at someone and they see you, they look at your face, not your back or chest. Why the hell does this have to be on the face? [-(