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  1. Can't see any major changes, however not ready to go on a keto diet right now, will try 2 other things first: 1. I remember reading an old research study where the treatment was copper and a bit of chromium, can't seem to find the resource and check out what proportions were used, but I'll just take 1 tablet of 500% DV copper, and a small amount of chromium. 2. Essential oils research - https://www.pharmacy.mahidol.ac.th/journal/_files/2007.60-64.pdf showing that lemongrass
  2. After 2 weeks not seeing any big improvements, will be switching to the second plan "eliminating ALL fats from my diet that includes all nuts/seeds and stop eating curd (dairy) as well." Not sure how long I'll last on this diet as not only there's no fat but protein as well, just want to see if even good type of slow carbs are causing this, I'm still 95% sure that it has to do with carb/protein/fat imbalances.
  3. Blood sugar is normal, will have to look into those other 2, at this point I'm down for trying anything.
  4. I'm a male in his late 20's, acne seem to got worse after starting 20s, tried different solutions here's what I found based on my own experience and extensively researching this topic. Not all acne is the same, what works for one might not work for another. There are 2 ways of lessening your acne: 1. External 2. Internal 1. External: Creams, tee tree oil, benzoyl peroxide, prescription drugs etc. This can only mask your symptoms, the process of sebum pro