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  1. So would Jojoba oil work for sebacious filaments (sp?) too?
  2. Hello....well I'm back after several months. I think I have discovered what the tight, dry, flaky red areas around my mouth was...possibly seborrheic dermatitis (sp?)...I read online that creams like Lamisil, Clotrimazole or Miconazole can be used so I figured what the heck I'll give one a try. Lo and behold, one week later it has improved greatly!! I've been applying Lamisil cream 1x a day at night after my shower. Hope this helps others!
  3. HA! Ok, guys 1st of all babies are a beautiful thing to bring into this ugly world. I am currently 4 months pregnant with my 1st and yes, my skin has gotten worse. Yes, it has lowered my self-esteem and self-image...I can't feel comfortable facing the public without making myself up with make-up and such. With me it's mainly around my chin and jawline that I breakout-- alot of whiteheads, and bumps that never come to head and can only be visible when I stretch the skin ie: smile. I just star
  4. I've heard of acne scar vanishing creams like Ambi makes one that you can get at Walgreens....I've been thinking about it since I too have many red marks on my face and when I look in the mirror it's all I can see. I still breakout but if I didn't have all those scars I'd feel a little better at least. I too have to wear make up every single fuc*ing time I wna go out and make up is no longer fun for me. I used to love make up because it was more of an enhancer and now it's become a cover up,
  5. ....Ok I just read another post on this thread that suggests that the baby brushes are stiffer than the facial brushes and that it's better for exfoliation and that's fine by me. But again, I think my Sesame Street Baby Brush is just toooooo harsh....can anyone recommend a a softer, gentler baby brush? Brand? And where in California can I get it? Thx again! ....Ok I just read another post on this thread that suggests that the baby brushes are stiffer than the facial brushes and that it's better
  6. Hey guys! I truly believe in the benefits of exfoliation...I used to use St. Ive's Apricot Scrub but realized that 1) it was doing nothing for my whiteheads and blackheads and 2) it was way too harsh for having absolutely no benefits. So, I switched to Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant which contains a small amount of SA but even that was irritiating my skin. So I stopped that, but I still need to exfoliate. I came upon this thread and I'm sure the baby brush method works if you have the right b
  7. Hmm...do you think Hibiclens would work on hormonal acne? I'm pregnant and I've been breaking out on my forehead with tiny little bumps...no cysts. I do have breakouts (like whiteheads and bumps that don't come to surface they stay there forever!) on my chin and jawline area (the hormonal area) but that area is very dry also so maybe Hibiclens would be even more drying?
  8. Thank you to you both for your replies I have heard of the mandelic acid thing but was worried it would be too harsh for my sensitive skin since at one point it seemed like I developed a mild case of perioral dermatitis from the toothpaste I was using. Since switching to a fluoride free and sodium lauryl sulfate free toothpaste (it's been a little over a week now) I am def seeing results. The red, bumpy, raw patches are starting to get smaller and smaller. I've also stopped using the Derm
  9. hmmm so after 42 views no one has 1 bit of advice? that sux......
  10. Ughhh...I feel like this is the worst time for me to break out like this. I mean I guess there's a good reason-- I'm pregnant-- so it's hormonal for sure. Not only am I dealing with the physical changes, ie: weight gain, bloating, etc...which ya know I can deal with but I am feeling so much less attractive now that I am breaking out like never before. I didn't even break out like this in high school. I feel like I can't enjoy my pregnancy because I'm so concerned with how my skin is doing.
  11. Well it's good to hear you're seeing improvement so far. I've switched toothpastes to an all natural, organic brand that contains no fluoride or SLS so we'll see how that goes. Now I should prolly consider not exfoliating that area either for it does get irrated after exfoliating-- duh! I just came to that realization tonight after washing my face and using my nightly Dermalogica Microexfoliant...man is it red and irritated right now! So I will do my best to avoid that area but I will continue
  12. You know I had done research myself online and came across perioral dermatits. Since I have not seen a dermatologist yet I've only self diagnosed it as that. Thanks for the input I guess that's what it sounded it like to you as well...and that's what I was wondering if Jess had that's why I was asking her for a more detailed description of her affected area(s). I am 3 months pregnant at the moment so any use of oral antibiotics is is very limited especially for the extended period of time that
  13. Hi Jessie...does the affected area also have small (tiny) bumps that can only be seen under certain lighting or can be felt on your skin? Kind of like a heat rash type thing? I myself have redness close to the jaw line bordering my chin (also very close to my lips) and it runs up to paranthesis area of a smile- if that made any sense. Some moisturizers make that area burn so I have to be careful of what I use. It's def redder after a hot shower and after exfoliating. I can cover it up with mak
  14. Hi Jenstar...actually yes I asked her about Mandelic and she said she'd heard of it but not for skin use? So I dunno...I'm gna give these products a try first and see how they go. I'm planning on going in for another facial in the next few weeks as a maintenance but if doing those doesn't work out I'm going to give Mandelic a try.
  15. Hey girls! Well my facial on Tuesday went pretty well. She did an AHA/Glycolic peel and then did some extractions. So...my face was a little red that day but I could already see how smooth it was. She did notice that my skin is much smoother since I started using Dermalogica's Daily Microexfoliant about 2 weeks ago. Since Tuesday I've decided to stop using Biore's pore unclogging scrub which contains SA...I think it became more of an irritant to my skin and that's why my jawline was so red an