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  1. On the contrary. That article had HEAD HUNTER written all over it...in fact in the first few sentences they were calling it "pixie-dust" in order to debunk it. Yet they never question it's mechanism of action rather they said the finger tip can grow skin so it "looks" regenerated. Show me scientific evidence that contradicts mechanism of action, and then I will believe it. Oh and to the Vitamin C peeps. You can believe that it's a fluke of evolution that we don't make vitamin C but are sti
  2. check out the webinars on reliant's sites. the geronemus video has some pics of re:pair in it.
  3. i just got my jojoba oil. looks like the contents separated. is that normal?
  4. do a britney spears and shave it all off. u will look so sexy baby.
  5. what is UHT milk? for me, any milk or dairy product causes acne. its the IGF hormone in milk that comes from the pregnant cow (increased due to pregnancy and possibly even more so if bovine growth hormone is used). i stopped drinking cow milk and eating dairy like ice cream, yogurt, etc. I cut dairy out completely and replaced it with soy. my acne has completely gone away. no pimples at all. none.
  6. you put yourself at risk for increased hyperpigmentation. possibly permanent. i've read a lot about fraxel. an article sticks out in my mind where a doctor said she would see a lot of patients come back and say things like "but i was only out in the sun for a few hours" and "but i put sunblock on in the morning". she would scold them and say they really need to use a wide brim hat, high SPF and reapply every 2 hours, and stay out of the sun completely. that is spend no time outside other than fr
  7. Try posting on the main fraxel thread. There have been so many threads like this over the last few years. They die out after a few pages.
  8. When your doctor takes the final pics, please ask for a CD of the photos. We'd all appreciate your posting them in a few months when you are done healing.
  9. the cream, not the lotion is good. comes in a jar. lotion irritates me. cream is great.
  10. i used to think that way. i washed my hands constantly liek a doctor. i changed my pillow case every night and never let anything touch my face. even a lover's clean hands. well now that accutane has cut my oil down, i dont get acne at all. i dont wash my hands or face. i rub my face on my cat, the floor, sleep on a dirty pillow case 2 months without washing, and NO ACNE. just like being a dirty, grimy, little kid again! its the bacteria that makes it get inflammed. but its bacteria that is a
  11. try improving your diet to get more vitamins that way. fruits and vegetables mainly. oh and the half life of vitamin C is an hour or two. so you really need to be taking smaller doses every couple of hours to get the benefit. otherwise your body dumps most of it in ur piss when it gets one massive dose. the nice thing about vitamins from diet is that they are released slower over many hours as your body continually digests food. too much vitamin A is no good.
  12. Are you taking before and after pictures? Will you please post them in a few months?