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  1. Maybe but if so isn't everyone a little bit? I mean I keep looking and wishing I could have not ending up in this place if I had been healthier. I also see a lot of other benefits. I also look and wonder if I had lost weight sooner how much better my life would have been. And then I see the one of the other things how did I get myself to here? Why did I screw my health over and get acne all at the same time? I am depressed about it meanwhile other people are suffering with issues like how they d
  2. wow. i'm short a guy with acne scars all over. and I look at my body in a bad way as well but I guess it's hard I mean it's your body afterall. I never looked at my body as being so imperfect as I am now which as a kid I didn't even see myself as short now that's all I think about.
  3. I'd say about 10 years. still going on. this would be my tenth year. I'm just so sick of it but at the same time finding out what caused it really sucks. I wish it was more complicated for me. But who knew for me it would be as simple as health. I blame me.
  4. I agree with you acne wasn't the problem I was dealing with. At first I thought it was the problem and it was for superficial reasons. But beyond that I realized the emptiness had to do with my health. I was so focused on outside things and not really doing what it is that makes me feel good. I've been lying to myself all along. I thought people were doing all these things to ruin my life and stop me from doing what I wanted or needed but they were pointing me onto that path. I realized it this
  5. I don't know what's your situation but if the cream is getting worst don't use it. I know I made a mistake using cream when my acne was only getting worse instead of doing something else about it. I have big cysts all on the bottom of my face. and some on my face. I have terrible acne scars.
  6. I've seen a few different people and I saw before when they used to be unhealthy in every form. They were out of shape, ate bad, etc. They had acne and then when they became healthy the acne disappeared. Makes me feel guilty. I reflected this year I know a little late. I just finally understood I didn't even have to have acne. For me it wasn't the hormones or because I had bad genes. I mean sure I don't have great genes. I realized all the links and it is really making me feel awful. I feel gre
  7. Me too. My sister keeps saying where is the old me. Now I'm so boring. I am beyond depressed. I think a lot of it was because I was in denial because depression and being depressed are seen as things that are impossible and that nothing can bring you down to that degree. But for me acne has but it's probably the fact of reflection of how I did it to myself. I guess I was also introverted but I was a fun person, I guess those two don't really go together. But for me that's what I considered mysel
  8. I don't know to be honest. I would have clear skin which would make me feel better but not complete 3 wishes would be nice. I guess if I had to choose I'd maybe choose the money, the clear skin doesn't make a lot of a difference for me, I still have a few more issues with health and what not. I mean if it was say the lottery or 3 wishes I'd definitely choose 3 wishes
  9. exercise helps the liver which helps filter out bad stuff so I would say that's the reason exercise can help acne.
  10. sun, exercise, no stress. fresh air. they all helped. but a strict diet would help more. I mean sure you'll have to cut out all the good stuff, but at least ya won't have acne. I wish I went to a REAL dermatologist sooner.
  11. I know what you mean! Everytime I try to eat strictly my dad thinks I'm anorexic and trying to be skinny and then he tells me what I'm learning online is poison.
  12. I don't think you can stop that feeling sometimes I feel like helping them, but then again I can't even deal with my own guilt and my ways usually people don't listen to because they'll say health has nothing to do with acne I knew that's what I used to feel and think.
  13. i watched this episode just recently I've been meaning to watch it. I watched it with my sister. It was good in showing acne is complicated but it never showed how complicated. I don't know about their diets but it seemed they weren't living much of a healthy life either. I'm not sure if this definitely makes a difference but it wouldn't hurt either. I think they only showed 2 methods because both the girl and the guy got laser and one girl got accutane. Is there no other methods? I think th
  14. I feel like I can understand them but at the same time I wonder do they feel self conscious. My acne doesn't really bother me until people either bring it up or I see my reflection. The thing that I feel worst about is that it gets me self-conscious and reminds myself I have a flaw straight on my face. It makes me want to cry sometimes and sometimes I do.
  15. I was never much of a judgemental person. so in that aspect it didn't do much for me. I think it helped me learn about health but too late.