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  1. @elkhalde I had very similar result, but as I said, this means nothing because blood tests aren't now showing if you currently have p.hylori at all! To be sure, try testing with stool sample. Regarding Ordinary niacinamide 10 + zinc 1, today is the 3rd day as I'm using it. I didn't break out which is good I guess, but I'll give it at least 10 days to see what happens.
  2. Well actually, my blood test did show that I have h.pylori, but I was told that blood sample is not reliable because it could just mean that I had h.pylori some time in my life and not at the moment. So, next thing I tried was testing the stool sample, but it came negative for h.pylori...weird.
  3. @gilang91 I see. I've been reading some reviews of this product on amazon, many people with the oil problem reported decreased sebum(oil) production after using it, but then again it didn't do anything for some people. It works like for 7 out of 10 people, which is pretty good. I'll probably start using the product tomorrow or the day after, but not the one from Ordinary, I can't find it in my country, but it sure is niacinmide 10% and zinc %1. Edit: actually found the Ordinary, I'll try with t
  4. @gilang91 Thank you. Did it help you in that regard, are you less oily now or is it the same ?
  5. @gilang91 Was it a typo when you wrote it or Zinc is just 1% ? I can't find the one with 2% on Amazon. Also I'm curious, what kind of skin do you have? Is it Oily, Dry, combination ?
  6. Guess what? My dermatologist said the same thing and I used to believe in it. I have very very very oily T-Zone, and very very dry jaw area. I used to get constantly white zits almost every day in the jaw area and around nose, like for years. Until, I removed dairy and gluten completely, basically I just eat meat. After two weeks, I wasn't getting any new zits on my face, and the old ones were fading. It's a very hard diet and I managed to stick to it for like 2 months, and all that time my face