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  1. Me too my friend. My last hope is that all digestion and acne-related issues can be solved with a long water fast. I've been preparing myself for a very long fast(40 days), by having a bunch of smaller ones, like go for 10-14 days without food, which gave my body time to heal and get used to it(Btw those fasts cured my asthma). In around 10 days I will be hoping on this hopefully last fast that should last 40 days, and if that doesn't fix the issue I'm giving up.
  2. You should look into water fasting. A water fast of 21 days could potentially cure all your candida problems.
  3. Great, I'm glad it worked out that good for you. Only if people here would read that instead of trying to abuse vitamins or use any other quick fix while continuing to basically poison themselves with toxic food.
  4. That's interesting, thanks for sharing that. It could mean that your body has healed after 6+ months staying off problematic foods. I can't manage to do more than 2-3 months in a row because I'm a sugar addict and get depressed after a certain period without sugary food. Are you planning to stay for ever on this strict diet or considering to try things that you couldn't have before?
  5. Yeah, it was the same in my case, strict keto diet without dairy products = 100% clean skin. Actually, when I think about it, it's not even keto diet, because without dairy products it's almost impossible to get more fat than protein, so it's just a version of a Paleo diet. What this basically tells me is that our bodies have developed some kind of food sensitivities. Introducing dairy for me always starts the acne session again. I have been off/on on this diet multiple times, and its a
  6. Do you eat dairy products(milk, cheese etc) regularly ? I've seen many examples where women have been able to eliminate acne just by removing dairy/gluten/refined sugar from the diet. American standard diet is one of the reasons why people develop all these food sensitivities, as not all of us have good genetics that would allow us to poison our bodies for decades without any consequences.
  7. Do you eat dairy products on a regular basis ? This looks hormonal to me.
  8. Have you considered like, not eating those foods for at least 6 months and then introducing them back ?
  9. Cholesterol on my blood test was 3.64 ( It says that up to 5.2 is in within range) Triglycerides are 0.54 (It says that up to 1.7 is within range) As I said, these are from 5 years ago when I had the exact same issues as I have today. CRP also normal. Same here, antibiotics also cleared me out and than everything came back. Agree again - meat only is torture. I gave up shortly after I wrote my previous message here, I simply can't eat the same food over an
  10. So it looks like that Tee Tree Oil is not a cure for me after all, after stopped using it these white boils came back very quickly. Oh man, why didn't you write that a week ago? I started a meat only diet a week ago again, and if I knew about this theory I would certainly do a blood test to compare the lipid profile with a one I'll have on a meat diet after a month or two. Your theory makes sense: meat only diet keeps my skin completely clear which I tested a bunch of times.
  11. I hope you meant inside your nose Give tee tree oil around 10 days to see if there's any difference, in the first 5 I didn't see much difference. Sorry for repeating, but please be careful and not under any circumstances use pure tee tree, as I don't want to be responsible for someone destroying the skin. There are many diluted options on the amazon, or you can dilute it yourself if you find a good tutorial but I think that already diluted is much safer option. It could be very well
  12. For everyone here that suffer from white pustules on nose/chin/beard, I wrote a couple of times here that this is possibly staph bacteria and the solution is just to apply bactroban inside nostrils and ears to decolonize the bacteria from your body for about 10-14 days, it's that easy! I haven't done that personally although I suffer from the same problem, because: 1) I didn't want to use antibiotics 2) spend money on dermatologist in order to get the prescription 3) I know
  13. Many of us are experiencing the same problem, there's already 32 pages long thread about it Please take a look at my last answer and good luck:. Here's the official document from UK's NHS(National Health Service) on how the children are treated for this condition https://www.gosh.nhs.uk/file/1063/download So this can be treated, but it is also an indicator that you might have a compromised immune system which allows this bacteria to thrive. Many people have this bacter
  14. @Softvoice According to the symptoms and the actual lab results, a couple of us here strongly believe that this is the result of staph bacteria residing in the nostrils and ears, and the only solution is to decolonize it. @PhilanthropeImberbe reported great success(find his comments) shortly after started putting Bactroban cream into nose and ears. You'll need to visit your dermatologist and ask for prescription because it's an antibiotic. If you can't get Bactroban, I also read that
  15. @PhilanthropeImberbe It is exactly that, looks pretty much like this https://static2.bigstockphoto.com/3/2/2/large1500/223773304.jpg OK, this makes sense, my whole forehead(and also nose) is oily and also quite dry/dehydrated. Just trying to confirm we have the same symptoms, was your forehead the same before mupirocin ?