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  1. MAC blot powder is awsome! i use it for my oily skin and ot set my makeup i love it! and it dosnt bother my skin at all
  2. MAC blot powder is the best i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. hey ive been drinking alot every weeknd 2 or 3 times on accutane for 6 months, my blood tests are perfect, but thats just me.
  4. you look so amazing! and happy! im on accutane and ive been clear since the first month and i love it! i only have one month to go, seeing your story and pics just makes my day!
  5. i am on 60 mg and have been for 6 months, and ive been getting drunk on the weeknds the whole way through and my blood work is 100% perfect. if you are healthy and you body handles drinking fine then go ahead and drink, but the only way to know is with the blood tests. just ask your doctor
  6. i have goten 3 advanced piercing while in the middle of a course and they healed perfect just liek all my others! its fine just take really good care of it!
  7. im on month 6 and my face is liek that too! i dont know why!? help!? its shiny right after i was my face and then i moisturize of course cuz my skin is dry and its still shiny! its not greasy, the actual skin is shiny. enyone else have this???
  8. my face sounds just liek yours befor i was on tane. my ib was fine it sucked but nothing you cant handle i had liek 2 deep zits in the first month and a half and just more whiteheads then usual but barly a differnce. but by month 2 i was clear and havent had a mark since! i am on month 6 of a 7-8 month course! do it i am so glad i did!!!!!!!
  9. i have had the same thing my whole course im on month 5. just moistuze alot and if it wont go away then go to the doctor and gett soem cortizone cream!
  10. hey! i have many piercings all over my body and i consider myself experienced when it comes to piercings. i am on accutane and have been on for 5 months. i have not had your problem, but it dose sound liek accutane could do that. the best thing to do is in a shot glass or a little bowl or whatever, put water hot as you can stand and non iodized sea salt and soak your piercings in it till the water gets cold (5-10 minets) and use a qtip in the salt soak if you need to get crustys off. do it twic
  11. yeah my face has been itchy the whoe time im on month 5. its anoyying but try not to itch it! it makes it red and flaky
  12. i love the almay! i have really sensitive eyes form acutane and it dosnt bother me at all!
  13. i have the same kinda hair i use bumbe& bumble surf spray for a sexy not frizy wave
  14. ok so im a female on accutane in the middle of month 4, been on 60 mg a day the whole time almost. i know your not supposed to get piercings or tattoos while on tane. but 2 weeks ago today i got 2 microdermal anchors put in beside my eyes. there not actally a piercing they are a implant, look it up on the internet if you dont know what they are, but for the purpose of this post there basicaly a advanced piercing. i have many other piercings all over my body as well as tattoos. ive been watching
  15. qtip and vaseline! its perfect!!!! that what the doctor says to do and it worksss!