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  1. Sry, i know absolutely [email protected]! But i wish you the best of luck to cure your acne/scars. good luck, peace-out man
  2. how can i avoid my principal seeing my family? my family was "supposedly" suppose to meet with my btchy principal last friday but it didnt happen. how can i avoid this? i dont want my family knowing.. i dont know wht to do..
  3. Man guys thnx so much for the 2 posts, i appreciate it. I know i shudnt be stressed about it but its bugging me daily until it ends(hopefully for me it will go my way which is that my principal somehow lets it slide becuz). But i dont know how this will happen, however my principal only has my home number and thankfully no cellphone numbers. Also, my principal said that she wants to see my parents and asked when it can happen. She didnt say any consequences and i hope that this means its a not s
  4. I need some fast advice a.s.a.p. Ok, i just made an account on acne.org to ask one question that both is emotionally and psychologically hurting me. I hope ppl on this site can help me with this problem because i believe that u guys give great advice and i hope i can use ur advice to help solve my problem. I am also a pretty good well behaved boy, I listen to my teachers, i do my in class work and rarely do my homework becuz im lazy ( but when the work counts i usually do it to get a decent mar