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  1. Was this a full course prescribed by a Dermatologist? What dosage/duration ?
  2. An old thread but well worth nudging from time to time. When on Accutane either as a short term Rx or long term off-label anti-aging use, I had to find a whole new approach to deep-skin moisturising. I took high dose Accutane on Rx decades ago to cure cystic Acne. Now, I am using it again off label for full-body skin anti-aging. My skin most certainly does 'remember' Accutane as it reacted very quickly on my face after all these decades I find the 20mg I take, has made my skin
  3. Thanks for the reply Dudley, I thought that a process that looks like it works on old scars, would be all the more certain to work on 'fresh' recently developed scars. I'll post the info regardless, as I hopefully, fix these scars in record time. Time is what few of us ever really have.
  4. 1 month on a small update The scars on my neck, those under the jawline near the ears, they didn't just look unsightly, the bits of lighter-colour scar tissue used to 'feel' hard and lumpy to my fingertips. I am delighted to report that at this stage they no longer feel lumpy, but unusually soft, soft like I can't remember feeling, its been soooo long I had these damned scars. I am very happy with the progress of this method. This isn't just softer moisture-rich skin (a well-known result o
  5. Hello everyone, My first post. I am mature, having suffered severe cystic Acne as a teen 30 years ago. I have been left with not too-deep but noticeable rolling atrophic scars on my cheeks, frontal chin and upper area of the neck near the ears. The treatment over the years: first, in my 20's (my skin now wrecked with scars due to an uncaring Doctor) I got a new Doctor and tried oral Accutane - it stopped the Acne in its tracks for good, but was started too late to stop the scars I a