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  1. To be honest these are pictures taken in bad lighting so I’m always going back and forth between feeling like I have barely any scarring and other times feeling really uncomfortable in my skin. I’ll try to get a photo in daylight soon, there is times that bothers me with sunlight but it’s really overhead lighting that bothers me. A couple years ago I got a few micro needles, one of which didn’t heal well and I think that may be what that scarring that looks a little like texture is
  2. Thanks for the tips! So what are you suggesting I do? And I assume you know the area I’m talking about when I say texture. I could definitely see what you are saying about improving the pitted scarring to improve this. I have gotten one session with Dr. Rullan, I’m. It sure if he is taking patients personally, but it sounds like his treatments are my best option? I tried to draw an error pointing to what I thought was texture that bothered me.
  3. While I realize I have some pitted scarring I feel that the overall texture bothers me more so. Is it necessary to continue getting subcision and phenol cross if I’m more concerned about the overall texture? Should I do more lasers/does it matter if I treat the texture before the pits are more level?
  4. Hi, So while my pitted acne scarring definitely bothers me, what bothers me more is this texture that exists on certain areas of my forehead. I have speculations that this is partly due to a microneedling that didn’t heal well a couple years ago..regardless I’ve gotten a couple treatments since then and I feel like it’s improved. Is texture easier to treat than pitted scarring? Any success stories? I’ll definitely be working on my pitted scarring more, but I don’t mind some of the pitted i
  5. I recently had a treatment with Dr. Rullan for acne scars on my forehead and was looking to do some maintenance treatments, as advised by BA. I was just curious to hear anyone’s experiences/successes overtime doing maintenance treatments for mainly texture of scarring?
  6. I recently had a treatment with Dr. Rullan for acne scars. In between treatments I’m looking to do maintenance treatments like peels and detminator, as advised by BA. I was just curious to hear anyone’s experience over time doing these maintenance treatments for mainly the texture of their scars?
  7. So sculptra and infini in one session? Sculptra doesn’t have the big risk to look bad than like other fillers right? Just volume/collagen boost? My scars are in my forehead but I’d really like to try that combo. I’m hoping I can also do subcision with sculptra next time I can go to Dr. Rullan
  8. What are you planning on doing every month? I’d assume nothing major since you’re treating once a month?
  9. Is there a certain way to see yourself close to how others see you? Two mirrors? Video? As many of us probably have acne scars it would be super interesting if there is a close to accurate visual of it.
  10. Thanks for this that’s what I needed to hear..id absolutely agree that I’m an insecure person even though to others I may seem super confident. I see others scarring because of my own scarring I’m sure too..I guess it’s just tough when your a perfectionist to accept it especially when you find yourself in a social situation in like an elevator with harsh lighting. I will agree though about getting treatments making you feel better, I got a treatment about a month ago, I think it defensively gave
  11. I was curious to hear your guys thoughts..I struggle getting over my acne scars and usually my confidence is hurt when I go in harsh lighting and take an up close picture. In the mirror however it can definitely look unsettling in certain lighting, but not as bad as in pictures. In most lighting it hardly looks like I have any scarring but I still hold onto the vision of my self in harsh lighting. What are some ways that have helped you guys get over it? And how much is real or a distorted image
  12. How long does the bruising for suctioning last? That’s great! What kind of filler was used!