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  1. MP28

    True Mirror

    Well i don’t know but when I say my skin looks pretty damn good when i simply flip the image I mean it. Maybe this isn’t the case for everyone but seeing it a new perspective makes me think I see my skin like I would see anyone else’s. I definitely think I have bias’s and my brain sees what it wants to see now that i’ve been obsessed and paranoid about scars. I think you are missing the point of this post though. For a few years now I literally couldn’t look at my forehead scars. It didn
  2. MP28

    True Mirror

    Has anyone tried this? This could be some serious self perception help that no one in the world talks about.If you don’t want to read through the whole post, basically just put two mirrors together at an angle so you are seeing a reflection of a reflection and see if your scars look different than in a normal mirror. My scars go from looking strange and damaged skin that I can’t even look at to a slight complexion problem that I can look past in a non-reversed mirror and be happy with my appeara
  3. Just wanted to leave this here..My whole life i’ve dealt with really bad body dysmorphic symptoms. I still was often found very attractive by many people, but there was always at least one flaw that controlled every second of my life. In high school this became acne scars. It’s been a few years now basically freaking out every day about my perceived acne scars. Here’s the crazy part: I can go on snapchat and take a selfie that makes my scars look terrible to me and I can look in a normal mirror
  4. I wanted to create some sort of thread for people to share their thoughts on BDD symptoms and the perception of our skin. I personally suffer greatly from this. For example, I can go take a mirror in less forgiving light and be convinced that my skin is absolutely awful. In that same light if I use two mirrors reflecting off eachother, somehow my skin takes a completely different form and my scarring is very minimal, if anything something I am completely content with. Many people tell me my scar
  5. I finished a subcision with Dr. Rullan and he said not to suction to the point of bruising. I find this interesting as I’ve always heard the point is to create a bruise. He said bruising encourages adhesions and instead to put the right amount of pressure to essentially just separate and train the scars so they don’t reattach. Thoughts?
  6. Thanks for the input..however i’m only 19 so don’t know if I will use botox yet. I suppose I will either do subcision once more on one deeper scar I have and then just do Genius RF until I’m satisfied with Dr. Weiner I suppose? Maybe finish with some sort of laser and use tretinoin nightly. Also what are your thoughts on microneedling at 1.5/2mm on the forehead? I was microneedled by a nurse a couple years ago when I first developed scars and supposedly 1.5/2mm was used. Lately I’ve been skeptic
  7. Do you believe subcision is effective without cupping or filler in these more widespread areas? As mentioned i have some more widespread shallow rolling scars and am wondering if my only option is to suction.
  8. Has anyone undergone any sort of therapy or mental exercises to help live life to its fullest while having acne scars? I’ve been an extreme perfectionist and secretly pretty insecure my whole life (almost 20 now.) If it wasn’t for my acne scars I’d be obsessed with something else. My two scar treatments so far have definitely helped however I am still always so conscious of certain lighting situations. I plan to continue to improve my scars, but surely I could improve on the mental aspect as wel
  9. Anyone have scarring around this area?
  10. Hi. I am currently on an acne scar journey for my forehead, however i do have a couple scarred areas on my chin near my mouth from picking at the acne I had. What is recommended for somewhat shallow scarring in this area? I figured I might as well try to get improvement on these areas as well.
  11. I mean it’s pretty hard to tell what scars are tethered until you get under there it seems. Plus i hear scar bands breaking in different areas in forehead.
  12. Well, I have some weird microneedling damage that you can’t exactly pinpoint specific scars in that area, but it could use plumping up. Juvederm is used on rolling scars?
  13. Well for example Rullan will subcise all the scars on my forehead so it’s hard to tell what is exactly tethered and not. You would put juvederm under a rolling scar? Thought it was just isolated boxcars and isolated atrophic?
  14. Hi, So we use HA filler often as a buffer after subcision for isolated boxcars..How are we supposed to buffer more widespread and rolling scars? Is suction the only option? I’ve recently had success with my boxcars with juvederm and liked how easy it was to not have to worry about suctioning and having a red face for the next month.
  15. MP28


    Awesome! Would you say the tretinoin has helped any of your scarring or texture?