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  1. I have a scar that is just slightly indented but what makes it stand out so much are the sharp borders. The borders look slightly raised and around the scar it looks like someone drew a line with a toothpick around it. Thats the best i can describe it. Its a weirdly shaped border as well in the middle of my forehead. I hate it so much and it drives me into depression. Its a nightmare to cover up the scar with make up as that makes it stand out even more but because i have horrib
  2. The depression is there but minor. Its the texture and the circular or oval shape of the scar that bothers me most. I rather nit fo excision because or the risk of making it worse and it being in the middle of the forehead. I feel like it needs just smoothing out to blend it in. I will look into co2 laser. Will fraxel do anything as the downtime for that is alot less i think. Is there anything i can do at home to help with trying to smooth the scar out a bit?
  3. What would the botox be for ? How would that improve the scar? It is indented but not that deep. Depends on the lighting i guess. So i could get a co2 laser done to just this one scar? Is there a limit how often you can get it done? I had co2 laser treatment done twice to my entire face like 15 years ago already. I attached snother picture. It looks slightly indented with a circular border. I think if i could somehow get rid of that border then thd scar eoyld blend in better
  4. About 5 months ago i developed an infection on my forehead. It was swollen and a wound developed. I developed this weirdly shaped scar in the middle of my forehead and i am really struggling with it. I really want it to get better somehow and feel so hopeless and depressed because of it. Its like a sunken scar with raised borders surrounded by sunken in borders if you all get what i mean. Its not that deep but large in my opinion. And the shape is oval and stands out as well due to the sunk