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  1. Please give this time to work its magic

    I'm 23 years old, and like just about everyone else on here, I've tried quite literally everything except Accutane to clear up my mild-moderate hormonal and cystic acne. This past July, I had been on Doxycycline for 3 years and it just wasn't as effective as when I started. I'm just now realizing long-term antibiotics are a no-no. So there I was, sitting in my dermatologist's office, crying so hard that snot was pouring out of my nostrils because in my mind, I was out of options (and I was ter
  2. Okay. I know some of you might say "you don't even have anything to complain about!", or "I WISH I had your acne", but I seriously am to the point where I'm questioning if I want to go on in life if this problem persists. I've always had acne since I could remember (pretty sure I had it as a fetus). From age 18-20 were markably the BEST years of my life, because I was put on Doxycycline and moved down to FL to go to school, and my skin was always bronzed and for the better part, pretty dayumn
  3. I have a flushing problem. When I used to become nervous or embaressed, I'd break out in small hives all over my chest. Now, even when I'm even slightly nervous, my whole face and chest turns beat red. This happens at least once per day, if not five times, and it's leading the permanent red-blotchiness of my skin. Is there anything I can appy to my face to help soothe it, and what can I do to help prevent my flushing (I think that's more of a mental problem, but I need help)... ...It just sucks
  4. Honey, have you seen the people at Walmart at 1:00 in the morning. You pale in comparison to them, and you are absolutely beautiful! Don't worry about it
  5. Ok. A couple of weeks ago I had this HUGE nodule on my chin. I tanned a little and kept on slathering a salicylic acid product on it and it eventually went down. A few days ago, I just managed to brush my chin and it's still there. It's more of a tiny, hard, knobby bump. I squeezed it and a hard, yellow cylinder of nastiness came out. Even today, it's still here. What should I do about it? Leave it, or get that last piece of gunk of it so it won't scar or get infected?
  6. Bactrim is the only thing that has EVER worked for me, and trust me, I've tried nearly everything (including minocycline)! I love Bactrim because it has no side effects (well, for most people) and it works relatively quickly. I use it in combination with 0.3 Differin and the two together are unstoppable. Just a suggestion, but I had pretty moderate/severe acne so I would imagine it would clear you up quite nicely. Good luck with your decision!
  7. I actually like the skin the best. Can I please have that option? Psh, I wish! No, really though, I like #1. Too thick of eyebrows can be overwhelming, but I don't really like the ones that are painted on either. Yours look nice though, you're SO lucky yours are shapeable. Mine a basically two lifeless, flat catipillars on my face.
  8. Ok. So for like 6 consecutive months, I had severe acne, and it was kinda a worse-case scenario for me. I lost my confidence, avoided eye contact and most potential social situations. With this kind of disposition, I didn't really get noticed (which was intended) and so I never really had any sort of teasing or embaressing moments. Then I started my new regimen, and my face was clear within a months' time-span. It was such a rapid recovery that I felt like I gained my confidence back overnigh
  9. Hi Irin. Let me tell you, I've read through your logs and I have to commend you on your stamina and commitement. My acne is very similar to yours in the fact that I break out mostly on my cheeks and tend to scar there. Mine, however, did get much worse then yours, and after trying a multitude of products, I resorted to Retin-A Micro. At first, it was smooth sailing. My acne subsided, I had the IB, then it cleared again, then I broke out terribly and cleared again and it seemed as if the cycle wa
  10. I'm with brentkid on this, and he proves a very good point. It's not us or them or the world that's against you, but you're just pointing out all the flaws that make everything so wrong. Regardless, I still do find you attractive, but girls want a guy that is confindent. By no means do you have to absolutely radiate it, but if you act confident around everyone that you think brings you down, it'll show some stamina and that you don't want to be pushed around. You're going to find the right girl
  11. Alright...I'm giving you an honest opinion, and I'm a girl. If you don't accept it or believe me, I can't help you on that. brentkid makes a very good point. You're going to be rejected in life, it's just part of the process. People often tell me I'm pretty - in an unusual way. But when I look in the mirror, all I see is a scarred weirdo, and wonder why someone would put my hopes up by telling me that. Same deal as yours. I've grown on that and am learning to accept who I am, although there's c
  12. Maybe, do you think, you feel this way because you may not appear approachable? I know that when I try to avoid social situations, I keep my head down, avoid eye-contacts, and generally stay away from people - and that's when people learn that I don't wanna talk, and ignore me. But then, when I'm just smiling and look confident (I never am, but it's pretty easy to fake) people approach me in conversation. I mean you're smiling in your pictures, and if you sat next to me in class and smiled at