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  1. Acne is not common among most adults. It exists but that's doesn't mean it's common. If it was a diet associated disease I believe it would be more common. I don't think we know even what causes acne. There may be quite a few theories but food is not a strong one from reasons I mentioned.
  2. For some people they judge other peoples skin ''more'' because they're so insecure about their own. I also notice people who cleared their acne from some super food diet or accutane can be quite judgemental towards those with bad acne. I've even had people who once had acne as bad as I have criticise me for ''not getting control of it'' like they did. So the theory about acne sufferer's being less judgemental is not always true. There is nothing normal about acne. It's a disease. A disease
  3. While there is an amount of despair there is also this push from some overoptimistic people that acne has upsides. To be honest it does not. There is a perception that acne sufferer's age less which is absolutely not true because the inflammation overtime damages our collagen leading to not only scars but an accelerated wrinkling process. Acne leads to social isolation and rigid thinking (focusing too much on how skin looks, diet and other things) which hinders a person, especially a young
  4. 23 year old female here: Never dated. My facial and body acne is too severe. I have been offered Accutane but I'm still frightened of taking it. I have this hope inside of me if my skin enters a more ''human'' looking state I could maybe find a boyfriend but that's a long shot. I'll probably have bad scars too.
  5. I don't think it is a normal part of life when it's persistent into adulthood and very severe. Heck, even when you're in puberty and have severe acne it isn't a normal part of life. Healthcare professions are very dismissive to a patients feelings. Most people DO get some acne in their teen years but really nothing that could not be remedied by over the counter products. People with severe acne are the outlier and suffering from a disease. Approximately 80% of the people I see on a daily b