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    getting rid of my acne , passing my gcses and helping anyone on acne.org if i can.<br /><br />other stuff: <br />table tennis<br />drawing<br /><br />blablabla
  1. I know exactly how you feel , back when i was in school (thank the lord im out now) i felt exactly the same as you do . I felt like school was just a big act. Everyone just acted like they did and did what they did to follow the crowd. Just try and remember and think to yourself how confident you are when your not at school and try to be yourself. Try not to think about what other people think about you, i mean if people are going to judge you on how you look are they worth trying to impress o
  2. When this sort of thing happens it does make you feel better knowing that they are getting a taste of their own medicine but I also felt a sense of karma from the fact that such people were unfortunate enough to have an upbringing/life that makes them be so ignorant and narrowminded.
  3. I think having acne somehow made me also develop a sort of ocd for things like using a dirty towel or just things that are dirty in general, much like ben100604 and keeping faith and also letting people touch my face etc. Some other things i do as a result of having acne: Don't look others in the face when i talk to them. Don't go swimming anymore (had it rly bad on my chest n back so its left some horrible scars)
  4. wake up 5 shower 10 apply bp5% 5 have breakfast (give bp time to absorb/dry) 10 apply moisturizer 5 make some lunch to take to college 2 brush teeth 2 i used to take ages but i used to find i would go absolutely crazy messin about in front of the mirror and make it worse. For example i would the first 3 steps, get fustrated about something on my face then wash my face again which would take another 10 mins.
  5. IMO religion is purely an opinion/personal belief right. And just because your oppinion is different to somebody else that doesn't make that somebody else wrong/stupid/ignorant ect. Who are we to say for certain what is right or wrong when what we believe is 'right' or 'wrong' is in the end only an oppinion? Its ok to choose a religion/belief to follow but we should keep open minds to others. My point is clearly demonstrated in the above statement.
  6. um i just noticed, why is scientology up there but not buddhism? lols
  7. I believe in the big bang, evolution theory ect. However, i have no problem with other peoples beliefs and religions.
  8. I totally know what you mean here. People just have no idea about it. Its all these adverts you see on tv that make people think its a quick fix with this" MIRACLE SPOT TREATMENT GEL SEE RESULTS IN MINUTES OMFGBBQ" ect imo.
  9. wow how do people ever link pancakes to gay people <_>?
  10. imo , just ignore it. If you dont understand it, is it really something worth understanding? And beside s if they say something like that in that sort of manner, are they even worth a second thought?
  11. yeh i know exactly how you feel, especially when your talking face to face and see their eyes glance around your face. ergh i hate it
  12. i have mild bacne so i may give this a shot, thanks
  13. I know how you feel but cheer up :)