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  1. ok so i finished my 2nd accutane course just over two months ago, accutane definately did its job both times, clearing my skin to almost perfect! however in both cases my acne has come back, from my first course it took around 6 months for me to get upset again and get more accutane, although this time it is very minor i am still peeved off as i think if i sit about waiting for these minor breakouts to clear i will be waiting in vain. I know after my first course this was the problem as it just
  2. ha, ok so you have come this entire way and u wanna give up two days early? whyyy? just finish the course, but if ur really that bad about it, dont worry it wont ruin everything, i lost a pack of tablets a day or two wont make a difference
  3. aye im not into it myself, but in sayin that i recently purchased teeth whitener, and im on accutane...whats the difference? all are enhancements props bro, glad the tane is doin its job
  4. how long is ur course? what dosage? just keep going, iv known people to take over 5 months to see improvement the good thing about accutane is that overnight it can make a difference! one day you may wake up and half ur spots are no longer sore..the next day none are etc.
  5. i got a flare up 2 weeks in, lasted 2 weeks or so, then i got random flares for the next month or two, once u hit month three u notice a big improvement (from my experience..this is my 2nd course) u stop gettin spots and from there on in its about the redness dying down, for me anyway keep at it, all the best bro
  6. aye accutane is definately the bomb! i dont know why it gets all the slagging, its worked on me and 4 of my friends! why waste ur years when u can take this for a few months and be rid of acne
  7. hey, im on my 2nd accutane course, iv never experienced hair loss.. what i would say is definately ask your derm about it if ur skin isnt too bad it would be wise to try a smaller dosage
  8. hey, im on my 2nd course of accutane both being 40 mgs a day, from what iv picked up over the past two years i think no matter the dosage you will have some sort of initial breakout..however i think the lower the dosage the less likelihood of a severe breakout what i would say is i started off getting slightly oily skin and a few spots here and there, but i didnt think much of it.. within a few months a few spots had left red marks and some were lasting a long time, so i then decided to go for
  9. i had next to perfect skin for around 5 months after accutane. then it came back in a way milder form an im almost finished my 2nd round so im hopin it gives acne the boot for good, i find the sun is great for healing skin..though obviously dont go overboard or ul die of cancer apparently
  10. sup guys, hey dont wory about it im on roaccutane and had the same thing, ur face jus feels like crap in every way! but im on day 70 and most of my spots are gone jus a few scars left. my skin is way more comfortable and isnt red and patchy anymore also there is no oil produced and the dryness has reduced alot as well as in my face doesnt peel as much. But its just the way the drug works, u feel like crap for a few weeks, then youl feel a bit less crapper than that for a few weeks, then ul fee
  11. ok cheers for the advice, il take it easy! hyperextended my knee on saturday and cant walk haha so it looks lik il be in the shade with a book for a week, but still better than sittin inside here while it rains constantly
  12. bugger! im goin to spain on thursday for a week and im in my 7th week of accutane, oh well i guess il be slappin on the suncream..maybe il get a few hours in the sun though its good for clearin the skin up, well for me anyway
  13. hey guys,i am on roaccutane and in my 6th week, i woke up a few days ago and noticed my entire face had suddenly gotten alot better!! i was wondering when it would start to work as it had gotten alot worse and i was feelin pretty bummed! i had like a group of cysts on the right side of my face which i thought would never go away! in the space of two days 2 are gone and the other is gettin better each day! i just thought id share this as a word of encouragement to anyone else on roaccutane! i li
  14. yep i can relate totally, i hav a few patches clear on my face so when i look in the mirror i squint my eyes and cover one side of my face with my hand hehe otherwise i dont look in them i totally agree its so sad that we all feel this way, at the end of the day its only red marks, when i forget about my acne if im having fun or somthing it feels great if only it wud stay that way, but jus hang in there amigos
  15. of course acne is annoying and i get bummed when i look in the mirror, but does anyone notice when u meet people with a few spots u seem more drawn to them as if their imperfections are strength... maybe its because we feel we can relate to them or somthing im not sure e.g. i was in the pizza shop and in walks a girl, she has acne..but i thought she was beautiful and the acne made no difference! (by the way quick side note..any girls with acne, smile no matter what!) so look on the bright side