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  1. I've been through about 5 flat iron and can tell you that the ones with Tourmaline in them are wonderful. I have ceramic ones but the Tourmaline one makes my hair super shiny without using a spray. I got mine at a Beauty Supply store and made sure it was an adjustable temperature control. Mine also is similar to the much touted T3 flat iron but 60% cheaper with same features. It also has some ridges on it that instead of flattening your hair, you can use it like a curling iron, so a bonus featur
  2. Urban Decay-liquid foundation (Broke me out) Stila-Oil Free liquid make up (Didn't cover zilch and gave me cysts) prescriptives- virtual matte foundation (Nice makeup, color matching problems, I had to mix two colors, I'm also very pale) rimmel- cool matte moose 16 hr (Didn't like, it caked on me after a few hours) rimmel- lasting finish mineral foundation (Not tried) laura mercier- oil free foundation (Liked, but expensive and tended to turn me a bit orangey) cover girl- clean make up/clean mak
  3. Tazorac completely cleared my skin. Once I got through the "peely" phase, my skin adapted and now I can use it every night. I started using it every three nights after moisturizing, then after about 10 days I started using it every other night after moisturizing and then eventually I worked up to every night at about 6 weeks. My doc said that if I can can handle it, use it without the moisturizer because it's more effective. It's a very strong topical and one that can take some getting use too.
  4. Save yourself a lot of trouble and visit a dermatologist. I tried using every over the counter product with total failure. the dermatologist is what saved my skin or I should say, antibiotics with tazorac. I pretty much get it all pimples, cysts, papules etc. For most adult women hormones are to blame for our skin problems but a dermatologist can help get you on topicals and internal mediceines to help you. I also have dry skin in places, somewhat oily t-zone, it makes it difficult to use drying
  5. I have PCOS and it's gotten pretty bad lately. I had an ultrasound 7 years ago and had a cluster of cysts on my left side, right not so bad. I too Metformin for a few years, didn't do much then I lost a lot of weight and it seem to help my problem. I also stopped eating white food (white flour, rice, bread, milk etc.) and had no symptoms for about two years and then when that stuff started creeping back into my diet, bam..acne again, hair growth in places I didn't wat it and lost some hair from
  6. I was one of those girls in high school who had perfect porcelain skin then at 20 years ol...bam...friggin acne. It's hormone related. I suggest getting your hormone levels tested. It can determine if you need to be on some kind of meds or need a diet change. I've been fighting this on and off for 16 years and it sucks. see an endocrinologist, seriously, it will help.
  7. the mirena releases a low dose of acne and it can aggravate hormonal acne in a big way, it's why I have a traditional IUD (Paraguard). IF you are like me, anything with hormones in it, even low dose will give me acne. Take it out!
  8. It's sounds like you have a broken skin barrier. Many folks who find themselves overly sensitive have used so many harsh products over the years that the lipid barrier in their skin (the one that protects you from the elements), has broken down to the point where even touching their face hurts. I had this problem for many years and fond that I had to work hard to build my lipid barrier back up to be less sensitive and more protective. #1, I suggest you get an appointment to be allergy tested.
  9. You can take a probiotic in pill form or eat one or two yogurts everyday to prevent candida. I too did not like antibiotics but reluctantly went on them after my skin exploded earlier this year and I'm glad I did. I just make sure I take my jaro-dophilis Probiotics everyday, stay away from yeasty breads and eat yogurt. No problems and it cleared my acne after a few months. I quit the antibiotics for awhile, did ok and now I'm back on a low dosage for maintenance. Don't be afraid of anti-biotics.
  10. I have 5 hats. One for everyday of the week. At the end of the day it goes in the laundry to be washed. I like those microfiber fleece ones from lands end, the kind with the brim. They don't pill, come in a larger size (which can help it stay away from your face) and is washable. I also break out from hats and anything against my face can make it irritated.
  11. Well I can tell you why you may be red. Aquaglycolic and mama lotion used together would mae me look as red as elmo. An AHA cleanser with Mama might be too much. I tried MAma lotion and ended up looking like a lobster...with zits. So sexxyy! When I'm red and peeling about the only I can do is wait it out, not scrub my face and do as little as possible. No scrubs, masks, irritation. As for makeup. Hmm, I know all about redness and peeling skin. Makeup just looks like doo-doo. It may not cover
  12. You found the same formula that got me clear Mino and taz together gave me clear skin for the first time in probably 10 years. I weaned off the Mino and stayed clear with just taz. Whatever you do don't stop anything unless the doc gives you the ok. I know that within a month of me not using taz (Stupid me), I broke out again and have had to start over with the peeling and redness. But my zits are dried up and I'm just peeling badly again. I'm glad you found a winning formula too!
  13. I also cannot do milk or ice cream but I can do most semi-soft to hard cheeses, aged cheese is better. I can also have yogurt. I found out that in processing cheese, a lot of the sugar is taken out. Milk sugars tend to cause bloating, gas etc..ala lactose intolerance in many people. I call Milk "White Death" Cause if I have more than a few ounces, I'm in pain on the couch. It's funny how we tend to analyze everything about our lives when we have acne. Food, sleep habits, even sex. The thing is
  14. I started using Alba aloe and Green Tea Oil-free moisturizer. It's nice stuff, doens't burn, not additives, chemicals and is hypo-allergic. My skin is actually doing better than when I started using it and it's been over a week. It balances the moisture in your skin without making you too oily. Your just hydrated.
  15. Overactive thyroid can cause acne in some people. My Aunt recently was diagnosed with Over-active and she's been complaining for a year about breaking out at age 47! (She had a hysterectomy, so not menopause related). Her doctor told her it was her thyroid doing it. The acne also doesn't tend to heal very fast either. So your assumption may be correct.