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  1. with alcohol, I notice breakouts within 2-3hours after I eat. I am not sure about other food though, I've dropped the whole diet thing and have not noticed any difference. it's already been 6 months too.
  2. I am sorry to hear about your experience with accutane... you should've known from the beginning that taking accutane will make your skin become way weaker, it'll take ages for blemishes to heal and you'll become more prone to scars. anyway there are studies(and cases) against accutane because of it's permanent side effects, I read somewhere that the REAL side effects don't show up until years and years later.
  3. A skin specialist saw me once with all the redness and enlarged pores I have. she said 'how did you get all those scars? are you on accutane or something?'
  4. oh yes! I had a terrible ITCHY face a while ago, it was mainly on my face, it happened from me not going outside at all! I think I've had an overgrowth too. Antibiotics can kill some good bacteria too, it can cause overgrowths of other types of bacterias, when I tookantibitoics(for other problems than ACNE) I had an overgrowth of gram-negative bacteria in my mouth! those can cause folliculitis
  5. Catwoman, I currently have just started using SA cleanser, I used it before when I had an inflammatory acne, it didn't do much, but I am hoping now it will! I also am using a product called 'Vichy hydrating care anti-imperfections' it's some sort of a moisturizer that adds a thin layer on your skin to absorb the excess oil, as for the anti-imperfections stuff, it seems to minimize the clogged pores, I still get them though. I also am using Roc hydra+mat, it's a moisturizer too, works like the
  6. I gave up with the regimen It seemed to kill my skin more than helping it, I noticed smiling lines while i was using BP, tightness in face and lots of dryness. my brother gets cysts and pimples on his nose all the time, fortunately the regimen is working for him and not for me, I am guessing it's because my problem is caused by clogged pores and not the bacteria...
  7. I really don't understand why this thread bothers you fellas, I mean we're NOT forcing people to quit masturbation or anything, you can do it as much as you want and feel lucky that you're not breaking out from such a wonderful thing. I personally find it a good way to relieve my daily stress. I just can't TOTALLY enjoy it because of the damage it inflicts on my face. And BenKweller, I really really have no clue what EXACTLY breaks me out, I keep blaming the orgasms, then I blame the ejaculat
  8. maybe it could be the orgasm itself like what krazee said, I really don't know, but the day after I ejaculated I wake up really oily.
  9. my acne has never stopped me from getting chicks, acne doesn't really make you look worse unless it's really severe, mine was really bad when I was 17, I had painful cheeks and still had chicks coming to me. the only difference between when I was totally clear and now is my self esteem, I had greater self esteem before. I remember masturbating and having sex while denying any relation between the two, I knew I was in denial, I just couldn't stop because they felt too good. lol I've reached my
  10. haha, goodluck =) if you're a good looking guy, then you'll lots of trouble. careful of the night emissions, although they don't seem to really break me out, they make me feel anxious and generally crappy for the next day.
  11. I just wanted to give you guys an update, one of the whiteheads has become HUGE. I told this girl 'everytime I look at this whitehead, I think of you' LOL, I know it's not very flattering but what the hell! I've read that zinc should help your body and increase your sex drive, I don't know if I want that, but anyway I'd like to hear of possible solutions for this problem. Good news! I have got a friend who had the same problem, he said the problem will milder and milder as your glands mature,
  12. Thank you sooooo much people! I've seen my dermatologist, she did mention the roc hydra+mat moisturizer, it does work wonderfully, it's also got some sunscreen in it, right? I love that stuff however it's kind of expensive! As for accutane, I really am not a big fan of pumping chemicals into my stomach(I'm one of those health-freaks , I've considered it couple of times, but my derm thinks that my acne is on retreat, I really am scared of accutane anyway, I was doing some reading about some ba
  13. Hey guys, After using the regimen for over 8weeks, I noticed that there was no improvement in my breakouts, BP seemed to have covered my problematic areas with dead skin layers, I felt as if BP was killing my skin. I kept peeling DAILY, the healing got slowed down badly and I developed a temporary smiling lines. I guess this proves that it can age you or something. I've been off BP for about 2 weeks now, my skin is recovering, it's starting to get soft and normal again, healing became so much