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  1. Agreed , and laser actually ruins skin tissue , that's what happened to me , my whole face is bad skin texture and scarring , i would pay hundreds of thousands to have the skin i use to have , no scars , there is hope apart from Micocoring , but if microcoring works to remove scars , then that would make me happy.
  2. https://www.benzinga.com/pressreleases/19/09/p14480826/the-cutting-edge-understanding-the-latest-in-treating-scars An interesting article , current scar treatments , including what the future holds for regeneration of skin.
  3. I contacted Sunogel regarding if has technology if successful would work on scar and wounds on diabetics , apparently from what i got from his massage it would work on all wounds and scars theoretically ( if his jello works that is , as after all it's still in pre clinical phase ) , so i don't think diabetes would be relevant. Apologies if i keep going on about diabetes , as people become more susceptible of it as we all get older , and we know it's going to take a couple more years until
  4. Kinda ironic if you think about it , as you get older you heal slower than when you're younger ..... great news for older people .... As far as microcoring , i think it'd work on someone with diabetes , however with slow healing it would take longer for someone to achieve the desired results ....
  5. Fantastic , well done .... the sooner the better.
  6. I read it , but again i don't think it would be an issue , if you have type 2 diabetes it can be controlled , it's all a question of diet and lifestyle ( anyone can get type 2 ) .... type 1 however is another concern ( genetic , also excessive high glucose to the point of shutting the immune system down and insulin production ) High glucose in your blood can be controlled , i think it would refer to type 1 diabetics ( where the immune system is adversely effected permanently ). Every
  7. Would this work for diabetics ? , because people that might have a genetically predisposed to diabetes are slower at healing from wounds .... regards xx.
  8. Ahh i see , so it depends on the level of skin damage , if it isn't so severe a pore will still be present.
  9. That doesn't make any sense , how can fibrous tissue ( which scarring essentially is ) have pores ? , having pores is an indicator of having healthy functioning skin , i have rough skin texture from years of pimples ( essentially scarring ) that might seem similar to pores ... maybe you're confused , am not trying to say you're wrong , but scars that have pores just doesn't sound right to me.
  10. Pores are a natural part of the physiology of human skin, however i can't comment on the wrinkles.
  11. Ok .... may work hopefully , thank you xx , if anyone does contract Cytrellis , can someone mention nose scarring also ?
  12. This Microcoring sounds great , however would it be applicable for scarring on the nose ? because the skin on the nose is much thinner ? don't know if my question makes any sense.
  13. I wouldn't equate scarless healing with fusion reactors coming round the corner , but i get your frustration , but you can't think like that , we are close.
  14. Ahhh right , great explanation , thank you , much appreciated , if i can ask , has it been clinically or proven in any way to be the case what you are describing ? , sounds fantastic , it sounds essentially scarless healing , but without the skin appendages ( sweat glands , oil glands , hair follices etc ) All the best.
  15. Apologizes if i seem ignorant , but what does this have to do with scarless healing ?