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  1. I think by october your skin wil be looking much better! But im a little further in my journey then you and trust me im going through the initial outbreak now! it definetly does get worse before better ! and NO you cant wax your eye brows they'll be VERY red and they'll stay that way much longer, your just going to have to pluck if you ask me Good luck!!!
  2. Im happy i came across your post. Because I was taking doxycyline for a while, actually about three years!!! it helped me for a while but my face was never completely clear on it either though. I started on 50 mg a day once a day and moved all the way up to 100 mg twice a day within those years. I dont know how bad your skin is or anything to help you out on my opinion to say if it was going to work or not unless you sent me a picture. but I think doxy will help some for a little while and then
  3. brittany66

    ScaRs SuCk

    this is pictures of my cheeks during procedures of a few different things