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  1. I'm on the 40 mg dose, 1 time a day. A quick queston. I'm coming up on the end of my first month in like two days. And I had to change my appt to a later date, a week from when I take my last pill. Is it a smart idea to try and take the last few pills spaced out so as to not have a large gap or does it really not matter?
  2. Almost a month I love this accutane. I'm glad I went on it. Most everything that bothered me is off my face and I'm not getting many of the ones that are in the obvious places either now. I've had about 3 days where my self-confidence was just sky high. I felt great. Felt like something new. I'm less reluctant already to worry so much about going outside in the morning in natural light, whatever. And so far I haven't had anything other than the dry scalp and really dry lips. And the lips ar
  3. 1 Week and a Half Lips are finally starting to crack and hurt. The skin right between my nose and lips was really dry today. I've had a lot of breakouts lately so I'm assuming that was the initial breakout. Seems like it'll come, it'll stay for a day or two, go away then return in new spots. Vicious cycle I can almost pinpoint now. I've had an itchy scalp the past few days too, but really those are the only side effects I've had. No tiredness, no joint ache, no rashes, none of that. So far
  4. Haha, I love your little note about looking each day, seeing it get clearer, and hating the accutane makers a little less. Congrats Yaya. I'm on day 2. So far, so good. Your story sounds a lot like mine, so hopefully I'll have the same ending.
  5. Start (2 days after start) Everything drying out, a few little pimples here and there. Nothing too bad. One that was bothering me seemed to go down and is gone. Lips aren't dry yet.
  6. So what do the fish oil capsules help with? I see alot of people on here taking those things.
  7. I'm planning on starting Accutane tomorrow. Figured I'd start some sort of weekly log. Also had a few questions for all of you vets of this crazy drug. So as you probably just noticed, I consider this a crazy drug. I really didn't want to take it but I'm at a point where topicals don't seem to do much of anything and I want to get started on something productive before I get worse. I'm pretty much scared shitless about this drug. Just the packaging alone is so god damn menacing. I'm taking th
  8. Hey man, feels good to have somebody who's going through a lot of the same stuff as you. I probably don't take in as much milk and dairy products as you do, but I do sleep with a pillow and I've been thinking about just not sleeping with one. I'm gonna go see my Derm again soon, and hopefully start a new diet, cutting out all of the sugary crap I consume regularly. Thanks for posting your regimen too, I'm gonna go find some coco butter, I've been waking up with flaky skin alooott lately. Drive
  9. Thanks CET, really appreciate the feedback. I'm gonna start the regimen as soon as I can.
  10. Well, I'm a 16 year old guy in HS. The average teen with acne I guess. Had it for about two years now. Started off a few pimples (god I hate that word, don't you all too?) and as I was naive and not thinking of consequences later on, I picked them(I don't anymore). I'm much more aware of my skin now but the crap I've tried using on it hasn't really helped. I've tried Proactiv, BP for a little while, and Retin A with Clindamycin Phosphate. Over time my acne has become worse to a point now where