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  2. okay sounds good ill try that and let everyone know how it goes.
  3. Okay so I have been reading up on ACV and decided to go buy some to take care of some marks on my cheeks. My acne isnt bad at all anymore but the marks on my cheeks make it look worse then it is. So anyways I was just curious as to how I should apply it. Just put it on my problem areas with a cotton ball? How long should I keep it on? And im using the acne.org regimen it seems to be working perfectly, can I put on the BP after the ACV? I started using a 1:3 ratio (ACV:Water). Should I continue
  4. Alright thanks for the advice. I'm really good about following regimens so we shall see how this works out. Even after my skin was clear from accutane the blackheads didn't seem to get any better so I guess I'll have to deal with them a different way.
  5. Hey everyone I have been using this website for quite sometime but haven't activated my account until now. I chose to put this topic in this area because I just started the regimen and had a few questions regarding it. Quick background.. I have been on tons of acne related prescriptions I have been on accutane twice for 6 months each time and have been on endless topical creams. I decided to start the regimen just recently because despite what I've been prescribed my skin is quite receptive