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  1. Thanks. I am going in for a second subcision + filler session this Wednesday. Also hoping to try some other treatment modalities like microneedling and laser.
  2. Date: Jan 2020 Treatment: Cannula Subcision + Filler Improvement: 20-30% Cost: $800 subcision + $700 x 2 HA filler = $2200 Comment: - The dermatologist had to use two syringes of fillers so I was charged $1400 for the fillers instead of $700 - My dermatologist said my scars were quite severe. She rated the ones on my cheeks to be grade 2-3 and the ones on my temples to be grade 4. She said that I had mostly rolling scars with some boxcar scars on my cheeks and boxc
  3. This is a thread dedicated to the treatment progress of my acne scars. I have had acne for most of my life and it left me with scars on my cheeks, temples, and forehead. For the sake of comparison, I will try to take pictures in the same setting. I will also try to take pictures in the most harsh lightings so that you can see the full extent of my scars. Please see below for my baseline pictures taken in August 2019. I have not had any acne scar treatments back the
  4. Had acne for almost all my life which left me with scars everywhere on my face. Can someone tell me what type of scar these are and if I can have a chance at complete recovery? These scars make feel terrible and I want them gone. Pictures I find that lighting also makes a huge difference in how these scars look. Here are the same scars but in a more flattering lighting