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  1. What is your point? Lots of medicine has serious sides, but for an acne medication, the risk far outweigh the benefits. Pimples that will clear out. IDK about some episodes-Accutane rates of issues are FAR higher than we are led to believe. No Drs believe you. The reason lawsuits are futile, is that Roche SAW the writing on the wall regarding the lawsuits, and they pulled out. The cases were dropped. You simply can NOT sue generics, literally By Law. What should have happened is that the F
  2. They may have been somewhat more careful in the past, but clearly not. In fact, I read somewhere that USA tends to have higher doses, and in my son's case I think that is VERY true. There were so many lawsuits in the USA, Roche pulled out, giving us generics and no one to sue. Found this gem online: "Accutane lawsuits claim the drug caused Crohn's disease and other inflammatory bowel disorders. A court dismissed the majority of the more than 7,000 lawsuits filed against Swiss manufacturer R
  3. Unlikely every Accutane will be taken off the market. It makes far too much money. I would rather no "cure/treatment" than have it continue to be on the market..save someone. It is gross how little the MHRA survey is doing after years of grieving parents pressure. That being said. Fill. Out. The. Survey. Thank you coming to my Ted Talk
  4. Help your fellow humans. Less victims in the future is good for us all. Here is the letter I received from the MHRA today. Only 256 people have responded to their inquiry that has been 6 years in the making. If you have not done so, fill it out! Dear Colleague, We recently informed you that the Commission on Human Medicines (CHM) and the Isotretinoin Expert Working (IEWG) is reviewing evidence of the possible association between isotretinoin and suspected psychiatric and
  5. There is something to be said for trying to help others. When I first came here, I was like, "Hey, my son is damaged, he just got off the drug, what do I do? Help! The next handful of responses was everyone responding to their own prior posts. ONE person did pop in. Finally. Thankfully. Sadly, there is a large collection of damaged men here. Imagine if every. single. one. took the time to fill out a 4 question survey and a email to not only the MHRA, but the FDA as well. Many have disappea
  6. I love how people just go on and on about their issues after a call for MHRA information. I would love to read what others are posting to the MHRA. I want to know what you are sharing with them. This is crap that they are giving us, but it has been YEARS, YEARS in the making and we only have till the end of January to get our story out there.
  7. Hey, have you filled out the MHRA survey? Has EVERYONE who are reading my words filled it out?? They choose to believe that Sexual Sides and Sucides are rare since they do not hear from us. Fill it out today! https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/isotretinoin-call-for-information-to-be-considered-as-part-of-an-expert-review That being said, perhaps I will take him to a (shutter) dermatologist..they SHOULD be able to diagnose that, at least... In your experience with this, d
  8. I have seen dosage recommendations in various places. I am not quite sure what the 'legal' amounts are. You height is irrelevant. Regardless of dose, this is TOXIC and UNSAFE at any dose. ANY dose is dangerous. Here a 40 page booklet from the FDA's own website. https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/drugsatfda_docs/label/2008/018662s059lbl.pdf (Anyone reading this, please ensure you fill out the MHRA survey regarding sexual side effects and suicide, regardless if you even took it they want to hear
  9. I know this is a OLD topic, but Accutane (roaccutane ) changes the way your brain works. People get a distorted depression on it and yes, kill themselves BECAUSE of this drug. My son was horribly depressed on this drug and had disordered thinking. He literally did not even understand how depressed he was until he got off. He has a ton of seemingly permanent issues from this drug. Erectile dysfunction, joint, bone, eye and stomach issues from this drug. If you or anyone you know has ever taken Ac
  10. Thanks sweetie. I know it is limited in scope, but numbers matter. I believe my son was given an overdose, when I look up his weight and dose. IDK if it would matter to an attorney, as sexual sides are not even RECOGNIZED in the USA, and no doctor will believe us or certainly write about it. His dose was WAY too high. My son feels bad for asking for the increase, and I feel bad for pushing to get us into a Dr. Ruined our lives. He is struggling with attention span and brain power, which I
  11. Hey, DYK that you can ask to be kept informed of the outcome of this. They have written me back about my son's story..and I am not done with them yet. DYK, Only 25 people reported sexual side effects in the UK this year...25. I call BS. They do not believe that the effects are as bad as they are, the other sides, as we well know are being blown off. This inquiry has taken years to come to this point. They are looking at more guidelines and warnings on this drug in the UK. I KNOW that is not enou
  12. Data matters. What happens in the UK may spread to other places. Every affected person on this thread should fIll out the survey! ONLY 5 QUESTIONS! Then we can go back to spending hours discussing cures and supplements. In much of the world it is NOT being used as a "Last Case". The USA does not have warnings for the sexual sides, it seems given out like candy. My recommendation is save for over 18 year olds, only after 6-9 months of documented other medications (at least two of them oral)
  13. Calcified, They are seeking the public's information. There are simply Not Enough Reports of Sexual Sides and Depression/Suicide for them to take it serious enough. It is not 'proven' enough..clearly. Not a single of my son's Drs have ever treated an ISO patient and simply said he did not have ED & refused to do blood work. Not enough people report their issues to the FDA, MHRA, etc. Every male on this site needs to spend 15 min on this! Then you all can go back to endlessly discussing
  14. Watching and waiting for your response. Every Single One of us should respond to the MHRA inquiry questions. It has taken YEARS for it to get this much government attention. LESS Men may become hurt if you speak up. Something outside of our own misery for a change. https://www.surveys.mhra.gov.uk/5fa2caf33414eb1dd21958ad
  15. Attention: While you guys are figuring out how to fix ya'lls bodies, remember to also take a few minutes to respond to the UK's MHRA (like the FDA here) government inquiry (link below). This has been YEARS in the making. They WANT and NEED information from men that have been damaged Sexually and Mentally by Accutane. Imagine the impact a bunch of us could make! It is a simple 5 question survey, but you can also upload "proof" (ie: blood work). YOU or ANYONE (Girlfriends, Parents) anywhere in th