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  1. Hallo guys, I have started adding AHA+ to my routine and it has burned my face! Is that normal? I used a super small portion of it but it seemed like I may be allergic to it? Has anyone encountered this problem? How did you deal with that? thank you in advance
  2. Hallo guys, Has anyone tried BP on the neck? I have been doing it for the last 6 weeks now and my neck is supeeeeeeeeer dark now. Will it ever go away? If yes, when? And what do I need to do to even my skin tone again? Thank you guys
  3. Hallo everyone, as you may know by now, I started the regimen 6 weeks ago but I stopped for a week in week 5. So I had to start all over again in week 6. Which I am committed to do until week 8 before adding AHA+. but because I started clearing in week 4, I have to get used again of seeing my skin flaking so much after a break of one week. Is this look normal? My skin during week 4 was getting smoother but now that I have started all over again, I feel pimples when I apply BP and can e
  4. Hallo guys, I have started the regimen in the last 6 weeks. Everything went during the first 4 weeks. And then in week 5, I started getting more irritation and itching on my face. It hurts so badly with lost of whiteheads around my lips and my chin that I had to stop for a week for the pain to settle in and for the whiteheads to heal faster. After that week with no regimen, my face was regulated and it was less painful and the whiteheads healed faster too. Now I am back on the regimen
  5. Hallo guys, I have started the regimen 3 weeks ago and my skin is dry and it seems like it is aging!!!. My face is darker than my neck and my body. Can anyone explain it? Will this be temporary and will my skin tone come back? I need all the help and encouragement I can get right now. Also, what to do with ; retentional microcysts, blackheads, pustules, cysts and dilated pores. Thank you guys!!
  6. Hallo guys, I am new to the regimen and I started 3 days ago. As I am on this journey, I do have a routine where I go twice a week to a Hammam and Sauna. I have done it my entire life and now I am wondering if I should keep doing it while keeping up with my regimen. What are your thoughts and experiences?