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  1. @hlp334 Thanks for the reply! Yeah I got my bloods done when fasting. Maybe I should try that. Did you have any symptoms of being Insulin Resistant other than just acne?
  2. @Lvl100Dani Hi there thanks for your reply! My fiance had extreme acne in his teens and he's now on his 3rd round of accutane and his skin is clearer than mine now. I'm too scared to go on it though cos I know it's a severe drug and my acne is not as bad in comparison. He did epiduo too like you before he went on accutane again but that just burned his face off similar to yours so I'm sceptical to try it. Thanks for your reply anyway and your skin is looking so much better! I hope I ge
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new here so a bit of background about me: I'm 20, female, struggling with hormonal acne. Up until a few months ago I barely ever got a spot in my life. I used to get told I have baby/porcelain skin (should have not taken that for granted). Now I have moderate acne in my cheeks, on my chin and jawline. I was diagnosed with PCOS over a year ago (FSH:LH was 6:13) followed by another diagnosis of the same thing more recently (FSH:LH was 11:27). I'm lean and my glucose lev