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  1. Thanks for the reply!! Going to buy all these products right now! Any specific cleanser you recommend?
  2. I’ve suffered with congested (combination) skin for some time. I have VERY Very uneven bumpy cheeks, however do not really suffer from ‘pimples’ except around my jawline which is very minimal.. My problem is blackheads and under the skin congestion. On the other end my skin is oily but seems to dry out pretty easily. Curious as to wether or not anyone has any direction to point me in to help balance out the texture of my skin, and help with my congestion! Any products/routine advice that might h
  3. Wondering if anything ever worked for you? My skin is very similar and I would love to hear now after some time of you posting this if you’ve had any relief!!
  4. I know it’s not incredibly bad, I’m just asking for some advice because I can’t seem to find much to levitate it!
  5. Fifteen years I’ve been struggling with having skin issues that don’t look like any other people I know, I think I’ve tried everything and lately I’ve been trying to get even more outside of my usual regime to find ANYTHING that will work. My skin seems to be currently at an all time low. (To which I’m not sure if I can blame my new cleanser or what) does anyone have any recommendations for me these problems are getting so old.