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  1. @beautifulambition have i places this under the wrong section, this is my first time here.
  2. i haven’t read full thread yet so apologies if this is answered later but i’m confused...was co2 core used or ultra pulse?
  3. Hi @shei514are these pictures before you went to see davin lim? so at this point u had tried erbium/co2?
  4. *i will refer to dr asif hussein as dr consults from hereon i spoke to dr h consults about all of this and i expressed my disappointment that there wasn’t one bit of improvement. he advised me to wait until it all settles and to see him in a week which would make it exactly two weeks since treatment. i have only been sending him pictures on my update. the below picture which is marked dr consults commented that it is odd that the scar marked in below pic did
  5. good morning/afternoon/evening i want to describe my acne journey and what i have tried so far. i have had had three sessions of dermalrolling (i can’t remember what size needle was) with zero improvement i did one session of rf infini with zero improvement i am from london and decided to go see dr asif hussein (dr h consults) and he said we can do laser.he went with erbium yag as i am asian and this is the one with minimal risks. he seemed con