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  1. I watched The Secret last night and decided to follow the path of the laws of attraction I am therefore leaving acne.org to concentrate about clear skin, and stop giving energy to acne. Thanks everyone here for their support and encouragement! I wish everyone all the best and clear radiant skin! Lots of love, iCandy
  2. Cassius.uk try posting this under Accutane Posts you'll probably get a lot more answers from experienced members there Hope that helps!
  3. I suggest you use whatever you usually use, you don't want to try something new and have it melt off half way through the party You can use something to set the make up I use Laura Mercier Secret Finish which is amazing it keeps make-up put without sinking into pores or looking cakey. I've been using it for over a year and it's never made me break out On the other hand I've just started using Dianne Brill Foundation which I LOVE! It has a slight shimmer that gives your skin glow and you can m
  4. Day 46 Wow it's been a month and a half already! I've stopped using all the liz earle stuff (i guess that means I have to change the title of this thread hmmm) I loved it and so did my skin but I don't want to have to deal with the wash clothes again i'm a little travel bug and it's too much hassle. Today is my third day on the Shiseido Skincare range. I'm using the Gentle Cleansing Foam, Hydro-Refining Softener, Day Essential Moisturiser, and Night Essential Moisturiser. For some reason I c
  5. Colours that can help reduce redness are mainly blue and green (I know this because you use green and blue makeup to reduce visible redness of skin or eyes). I'd stay away from reds, browns, and oranges since they tend to bring out the red. Try stuff on before you buy it and look at your face in the changing room mirror, you should notice a slight difference Hope that helps
  6. hmm well I was able to gain weight by breakfasting on peanut butter sandwiches and eating lots and lots and lots of fruit.. maybe all the fruit helped clear me up? You'd be surprised how much healthy weight you can gain from fruit I gained 4kgs in 2 months and was able to keep it on for a long while
  7. I was using BP and SA together at one point and got so fed up with dry hagagrd skin I just stopped cold. Now I use light therapy and spot treat with a SA gel. My skin is thanking me for it. It looks so much healthier even if I do get the odd spot here and there. I suggest you start only spot treating with the BP. If you're worried about acne flooding back (head for the hills!) I suggest you look into light therapy. You can find a lot more information on the Light/Laser acne treatments thread
  8. kel talk to your doctor first and email the relevent websites, but I think you can use 'light therapy'. You can look through the Light/Laser acne treatments thread for more information. I've been using it for over a month now and so far so good
  9. If it's a small area like ur eyebrows get it threaded. There is nothing that ruins a pretty face more than big bird eyebrows
  10. I had really oily skin when I was growing up and never used a moisturiser, never needed to. I suggest you use a mild cleanser (not an 'oily skin' cleanser) and only use moisturiser on any dry spot you may have. I have fallen in love with the liz earle cleanser it's all natural products and you use a wash cloth to wash it off so you get gentle daily exfoliation. It's a cream cleanser but won't irritate your skin or strip it of oil. I'd give it a try if I were you they have a trial version that