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  1. Hi all, I've had serious cystic acne in the past, I went through a whole journey for my acne that was not only costly, but very mentally draining. You can check my progress here, in case you are losing hope and have similar skin to mine. Anyway, after BellaFill with Subsicion (being my last treatment) I think I'm almost set except for the discolored scars left on my cheeks. Can anyone help me with what laser is best for this type of scarring? I did V-BEAM once (I was supposed to do a
  2. Hey! First of all, I think you should do a youtube channel because to be honest, there isnt many videos of people actually doing the procedure and talking about it. Mainly just a few doctors with a youtube channel. I think it would be informative. I had a similar journey but with the sub I also did bellafill and it did wonders. My skin is evened out, I had the puffs for a few days but it went away, also, I despite dermatologists who use our pain as source of money, cant tell you how an
  3. Hey! I'm about your age, I'm 21 and out of the BLUE around 19 years old after having a breast augmentation, I started getting awful, cystic acne on my cheeks too. Never in my life have I had acne on my cheeks. I never found out why I had it, but anyway - I was on birth control and it didnt impact me in anyway, neg or pos. The pills really didnt do anything. I got rid of it with 2 months on accutane. You can see my full journey and pics clicking this. You can compare and see if you
  4. Yes, it cured my acne ,HOWEVER..

    I was on accutane for 2 months when I was supposed to be on it for five - totally stopped cause the pills rose my liver levels and I got scared, nonetheless, it cured my awful, thick, painful cystic acne. Heres photos along with a details on my journey  ANYWAY, Don't have insurance? You're screwed. ESPECIALLY if you're a female. Let me explain: Woman, once a month we must have blood tests done. Before you can get the pills, you must have a blood test. Each blood test (at QUEST
  5. Hey! If you check out my forum here, I show how I was able to fix my scars a bit, which are really similar to yours. I was also on Accutane and was left with that weird, circular indents. Basically, I tried subsicion with BellaFill. Helped a ton and i think that could be your final fix.
  6. Hi everyone So out of no where, I began to have cystic, terrible acne.. just randomly when I was 18. God, that destroyed my self esteem but that’s besides the point. i lost a lot of facial mass because of it, primarily on my cheeks and forehead. I’ve uploads photos to show the process I went through: 1st photo: the worst the acne got 2nd photo: the acne after using Epiduo (really just burned the outer layer of my skin and didn’t fix the acne at all) 3rd ph