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  1. nooo dont tan! well. after a while dont tan - ii sat in the sun for half an hour and i had splotchy weird skin for months! tanning is baddd on accutane, your skin is too sensitive! and embrace the initial breakout, it's ugly but it's so good that it gets everything out! i'm optimistic because i think i've forgotten what it was like a year ago...but still, chin up! you'll be fine!
  2. hello! i know this doesn't seem true, but if someone really likes you then it doesn't matter if they have acne. that's true for me at least, maybe because i've been there but before i had severe acne i had a long term boyfriend who had a face of acne scars and (although not all the time) severe acne problems. now we've broken up and he's in a pretty famous band and the girls are still chasing him despite his skin problems. so there is definitely girls out there who don't care about skin don't
  3. hello! i went on accutane and as my signature below says, i just wash with Clinique stuff (Simple gave me spots, ha! no chemicals apparently make me get spots!) and it's kept my skin in good form. before i got cystic acne i used erythromycin and it worked wonders. but that was for mild (i think) acne.
  4. hello! advice for good chapstick - i really liked aloe vera vaseline because it doesn't give you white bits on your lips and stays put whilst soothing and healing. oh, and a water based moisturiser. because then you don't feel bad about clogging pores whilst putting loads and loads of it on! i used E45 lotion (but if you're in america, i'm not sure if you can get that?) good luck!
  5. hello! i know it seems bleak but have faith maybe accutane won't work, but then again it might just be taking longer than other people to clear up your acne. don't stress out though because it might make your skin worse and you don't want that! lots of people know how you feel and that might not make you feel any better, but i found this site really helped me. just keep reading on here about other people and it really helps with support through hard times. accutane is a rough ride, but hey y
  6. hello!

    in response to your comment on my photograph...yep! Reading 07 was good fun. 06 was better though, i thought.

    thanks for stopping by my gallery!


  7. hello! i just read the photoraph comment you left me, thank you for that! accutane could be just what you need so maybe give it a try! i hope you get a result, good luck :) x

  8. i would say the worst thing i had was...well the thing i hated most was...itchy dry red skin on my arms. but baby oil sorts that out. so next i would say dry lips, but aloe vera vaseline sorts that out...and then it'd be dry eyes but again, eye drops solve that. so really, my experience wasn't too bad. i had a bad headache once or twice. i quite enjoyed crazy dreams every night though! good luck!
  9. hello! i admit i couldnt bothered to read through five pages of replies, so i apologise if this has been said before! i'm in the uk, and if you're looking for uk shops that sell rooibos tea i know that sainsburys stock it! if that helps anyone!
  10. hello! yeah i got that, really sucked. i found i had red itchy arms but i used baby oil after every shower every day and it worked after a while. my boyfriend used to hold my hands so i couldn't scratch, which was good cos scratching makes it so much worse. i would advise you to try baby oil and E45 cream or lotion if it's red and/or dry. good luck! don't scratch!!!
  11. hello! not sure why, but i only actually had a pre-acctuane blood test and no more! woo hoo! i hate blood tests...*shudders*
  12. i used erythromycin for ages and it worked really well, i found good luck
  13. hello! its a bummer but i just lathered up with water based moisturiser. i used dermalogica active moist but thats £30/100ml so i didn't want to use it much and moved onto E45 LOTION, NO cream. i say that was the best i used. good luck!
  14. hello! thi isn't acne related but i was really sick with a urine infection a few nights ago. left me awake all night long and i didn't sleep a wink. i remember my nettle tea at 5am, hurrah! sorted me right out. no jokes, urine infection was gone. HURRAH FOR NETTLE!!! it is brilliant!