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  1. Thank you for the prompt response. I really appreciate it. Notwithstanding, I don't necessarily think atrophic scarring is rare. I just think that my issue where every pimple creates a scar is what I think may be rare, but I am not an expert, so it's probably my bias showing. Anyhow, I take zinc supplements (and also niacin) daily. I eat meat every day. Maybe I should eat other foods with high protein?
  2. I’m not on any medications. It’s pretty difficult for me to afford accutane unfortunately. I’m trying to figure out why any acne results in atrophic scarring. It definitely seems rare to me.
  3. I’m in that situation now sans the success part. It really makes everything less enjoyable when you feel ugly.
  4. Hey, guys, I felt like reaching out since I’m growing desperate. I started scarring severely on one side of my cheek recently. They’re primarily rolling and boxcar scars. I tried taking collagen supplements, but they are not helping. I fear that my whole cheek will be very, very bad in coming time. My acne itself isn’t bad, it’s just that the average pimple will even leave a depression. I don’t know what to do