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  1. Thanks for all the responses guys. I think I'll just leave the cold water step out and use lukewarm (warm!) water. Good luck all!!
  2. I really hate the feeling of cold water on my face and don't do the cold rinse step in Dan's regimen. Can anyone attest to its effeciveness?
  3. Eucerin Skin Renewal daily moisturizer really cleared up my old marks. It has a little lactic acid in it that acts as an exfoliant.
  4. For general health, when eating grains I only eat low glycemic whole grains. Pasta and rice I almost never eat unless it's whole grain pasta. Maybe this might help? Other than that your diet sounds great. Living proof that diet does not affect acne. Have you tried moving to California?
  5. I agree that diet plays a big role in your acne, small as it may be, but my quick fix that has worked my whole life is........take a vacation to a warm climate with an ocean! I don't know if its the sun, the salt from ocean, the abscense of stress, or whatever but whenever I visit California or Florida my acne dispears quickly, only to reappr a few weeks after returning to the midwest. I'm moving
  6. Hi evryone, new user here. I have minor scars around my chin and I was wondering about starting scar treatment. What do you guys recommend that is the least painful?
  7. I've been on the regimen & doxycycline and am 99% clear now. My skin did get pretty dry in the beginning but once I stayed consistent with washing, BP, Eucerin moisturizer (don't use neutrogena healthy skin) for about a month I got and stayed clear with no irritation. Hope this helps!
  8. I think talking to your doctor would be your safest bet. 1) If you used your Elidel during the time that the 10% BP turned your skin bright red and burned, then there's a good chance the same thing will happen again, maybe to a lesser extent b/c of Dan's less irritating 2.5% BP gel. 2) Dan's Regimen uses a BP that again is less irritating than the 10% you tried, but it is still BP and it might cause your skin to have an adverse reaction. Proceed w/ caution. 3) Sorry, no.
  9. Maybe try squeezing into your palm then mixing it around on your palm.