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  1. Heh, success here actually. I ran out of BP about 2 months ago but i still had some AHA left, now i just spot treat with AHA and i'm about 98% clear 100% of the time. I still rarely get the random small pimples but I havnt broken out horribly since i stopped using BP. My acne was pretty bad(mid moderate) before I started the regimen too btw so it isn't due to the fact that I've always had mild acne. Well GL, oh yeah one more thing while i was on BP i was 100% clear 100% of the time(took about a
  2. If you let your best friend marry a girl who told you that she's not interested in him anymore than you're doing him a disservice. Their marriage will be short last and possibly affairs and other drama will start up. In my opinion end it before it starts, you have to make him see her for who she is.
  3. I think... It's a waste of your life to ponder over this girl any longer.
  4. acne doesnt disappear over night... or even a month, maybe not even two. Acne is really persistent and usually takes 3-6 months of constant treatment to finally "control" it. Especially if you have a moderate-severe case.
  5. not true my brother use to have moderate acne through his teens (12-about 19) and when he turned 20 all his acne just basically disappeared. lol quite magical, he's quite lucky too his skin is flawless now and the gay thing is he never ever used any type of acne medication at all, he just said fuck it and didn't let it affect him and it went away amazingly.
  6. I ordered through pay pal two weeks ago and the order hasn't been confirmed yet. At first I wondered if I paid yet and on my pay pal account it says that it charged my bank account 47.77 to daniel kern. Now i checked my account status on the site and it says i've paid 0.00/47.77$ and i'm wondering if there's been a mistake, my order # is 167718. HELP ME PLEASE RUNNING OUT OF BP =( thanks thanks thanks Edit: I also got a email saying that i had paid and it would process it 3-4 days if i used pay
  7. conversion factors rule. 1glass=250cm^3 1cm^3=1ml 1000ml=1L therefore 8glass * 250cm^3/1glass * 1ml/1cm^3 * 1L/1000ml = 2litres therefore 8glasses of water is exactly 2litres of wtaer. /cheers
  8. heh thanks everyone for the positive reinforcement ^__^ Also for those who are curious, I did add a few steps to the DKR and use some different moisturizers but overall it's extremely similar. I use the acne.org cleanser, BP and Jojoba Oil. If you're interested in what other products I specifically use just PM me.
  9. Best stuff ever. i'm hooked for life. Been on it since feb 13th and my results are astounding. (before I used dan's products) pics from feb. http://img407.imageshack.us/my.php?image=feb2ks0.jpg http://img383.imageshack.us/my.php?image=feb5bo5.jpg (looking better)pics from march http://img524.imageshack.us/my.php?image=mar1qb9.jpg http://img356.imageshack.us/my.php?image=mar2yo6.jpg (pretty good and hoping it will keep improving and yes i know my lip looks weird in this picture )and my pic in
  10. might be a stupid question but are you applying bp ON your lips...?
  11. What's more important eating or having clear skin? :rolleyes: i know which one i would pick ^___^.
  12. I got a AHA lotion recently and I plan on using it at night, i just have a couple of questions though. Should I apply it after the BP drys and if so do I wait for it to dry and apply a moisturizer or is the moisturizer even necessary?
  13. chew gum it's suppose to "trick" your brain into thinking that you're eating. don't swallow though =P