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  1. Hi, i've been on accutane for 3months now, 80mg/day and i'm around 105lbs. i have the annoying cracks in the corners of my mouth too; this may sound silly but i didn't have anthing else to put on it at the time and my sister had a&d ointment (my sister uses it for my nephew) so i used that and after a few days they went away. if you read the tube of a&d it says you can use it for dry, cracked skin, so it's not just for baby butts. What i found out makes the little cuts come
  2. I just started accutane and i'm on a really low dose; the first i was on 10mg then bumped it up to 20mg this wk so it's been a total of two and a half wks and last wk i started getting painful little cysts; i had one big one on my nose and now i have one on my chin-----but the thing is they're not going away! It's like now they are just red bumps, the red bump won't go away. the cyst won't dry up completely like it would usually for me help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! should i put bp on these red bumps,
  3. hi all, i've never posted here before but often read this board as i'm trying to become healtheir in general; i bought green vibrance green foods powder and mixed it into some water and roobias tea the other day (i actually ate the little tea leaf thingies in the tea bag). It tasted ok but all day today i feel very bloated , like super duper bloated, and gassy as well with cramps, u know the kind i mean. i know too much info but i just want to kjnow if this is common when first starting a gree
  4. how much are you on? is 10mg /day effective for clearing out pores or do u have to go higher, thanx! quote name='antoniog' date='Mar 27 2008, 01:02 AM' post='2236140'] Okay, that sounds okay. Who knows what sort of effects it will have had on your skin another 4 months from now. Have you heard of the baby brush method before? Maybe try that. It's basically gentle exfoliation through a gentle brush. Ie. helping your skin exfoliate the upper layer of your skin more easily. Also in your situat
  5. i always squeeze when i notice a blackhead is getting bigger or is very black; i mean it always comes back but at least it's less black and less noticeable; also i dont know why squeezing would make a pore bigger-----i mean they're already expanded from all the sebum anyway
  6. I've heard accutane eliminates blackheads cz i shrinks the sebaceous glands; i don't know how long it takes though
  7. you can order Neostrata products online from Neostrata.com- click on the link for the US and shop online. I can't find that neostrata peel; i checked the neostrata site. I might just order from makeup artist's choice since i've ordered some samples of their cleanser and i like it; so tca is the best; am i gonna peel like mad? thanx!!
  8. i have reaaaaaaaaaaalllly oily skin so i don't use moisturizer, i just use my sunblock in the am is that bad? also the foundation i use (sometimes), neutrogena face enhancing something, feels moisturizing enough why is everyone crazy for moisturizers? should i be?
  9. thank you! will look this one up; any drugstore recs?
  10. does the thylox pine tar soap work for blackheads? i read that long thread too but i wasn't sure if i should try it cz i mostly have non-inflammatory acne i wanted to buy the aqua glycolic toner cz i read gd reviews about it; i read gd reviews about aqua glycolic all over drugstore.com but i can't find it anywhere rite aid, duane reade, walgreens, cvs, nobody has the stuff! i also use alpha hydrox --the 12%aha cream; it didn't make me break out but not sure it's doing anything; i've been usin
  11. hi! i have a few days off from work coming up and i want to do a peel; the kind where u peel for like a day or two afterwards any drugstore recs? i've never done one before but i do use sa and a combo aha/bha on my skin nightly thanx!
  12. hi fellow blackhead haters i just ordered a sample of makeup artist's choice 8% sa, the pH is like 3.2 or something and the directions say to leave it on like 5minutes then wash it off. But i was previously using 7%sa and leaving it on though i'm not sure if the pH was higher for that sa. Can i just leave the 8%sa on; i've been doing that for the past two nights but i'm worried it'll be a mass cumulative effect and i'll start peeling like crazy in a few days
  13. well i'm sure other ppl here know a better answer but from what i've been reading green cream is a non-prescription retinoid and mama lotion is a combo of two aha's. aha's don't penetrate the pore like salicylic acid does. i don't understand why ppl have success with mama lotion but i can understand why a retinoid would help blackheads again i'm new here so don't know as much as other ppl