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  1. I got an extraction (drained my cyst that was on my chin) its kind of painful but is almost completely gone and its only been 3 hours. Def worth the pain since i have graduation next week and wish i got it sooner in time for prom but oh well! good luck.
  2. Has anyone ever had one on a cyst? i had one today and want to know how long it will take for the redness to subside!
  3. Prom is two days away, i have a smaller cyst on my chin that can be seen in the light, its kind of painful too. i got it injected last week on tuesday, it went down then all the sudden came back! i don't have time to get it re-injected, what do i do!?!?
  4. this was the best post ive read all day. makes me smile hahah.
  5. lycogel acne control foundation i love it its all natural and has more oxygen flow to the face. you can type it in to google and get more information. also you can buy it at the dermstore.com ! good luck !
  6. YES, this happened to me too! I used proactiv though for about a year, and had the general tzone area problems. But once I quite using proactiv I developed cystic acne occasionally on my chin and right now I' am dealing with one IT SUCKS! But, I have been using a brand called NEOSTRATA its amazing, i'll never go back to any other brand, reasonably priced and works very well for sensitive acne prone skin. I am also doing laser treatments on my chin and cheek areas. But hope things work out for yo
  7. I usually don't. I end up just putting extra on in the morning if I feel dry by morning time! Good Luck!
  8. Hey everyone, so I got some new stuff to try on my face tonight before bed. Brand is NeoStrata (suppose to be very good for sensitive skin type with acne) I have used other products of theres and love them, but I am about to use this salicylic acid and was wondering if anyone has had a bad reaction to it?? Let me know asap! Thanks.
  9. well im hoping that i end up just like your friend! lol. still breaking out a little, but my doctor said that would be normal, but some redness did fade immediately after the treatment. the doctor said i would have 5 treatments, and normally the acne would subside for a given period of time, usually six months and then i would just have to go in for one treatment every six months. expensive but hopefully worth it.
  10. i just did the laser treatment today. for three treatments its costing, 1, 020. but i will need about 5 or 6. so times that by 2! i had no side effects, but its kind of painful...ugh but worth it hopefully! let u know how it goes in the next couple of treatments. good luck with yours!
  11. i have mild cystic acne. and i will never in my life use this machine again. it worsens them so much, and worst part about the whole thing i lost the receipt! if you have normal acne, that is, white heads, etc. i will sell it to you. i don't need it, and only used it a couple times.
  12. just had it done today. this morning actually. i dont have anymore redness for more than 2 hours. went well, only four more treatments to go. kind of painful, and pricey. but if the pain is too much for you they can adjust the temperature of heat, etc. good luck!
  13. Thanks for replying! I thought no one was ever going to respond! Ha. I got the laser treatment done today, the vbeam and some other thing, can't recall the name. It was kind of painful, and many burning sensations, but I expected that, since that is what my doctor told me it would be like! I got my treatment done at Calidora, in Bellevue Washington. Great group of people. My face wasn't red for more than 2 hours, but I am still going to put a cold compress on it, and drinking lots of water will