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  1. My first attempt for youtube. Should I do commentary?
  2. Looks like this. Cost me less than $10. I used it on alternate days for a week. Only 10 seconds each time. This extended the bruising.
  3. Collagen formation takes months, but i have immediate improvement from breaking and releasing the scars.
  4. I said 1 month apart in my post for the before and after. You see results immediately because your face is puffed up like a balloon but the swelling goes down in 1-2 weeks.
  5. Hi there guys, I have been lurking around this acne forum and also the real self forum. So I want to give something back in return for all the information here. Background, I went for infini RF and it did NOTHING for my deeply anchored tethered scar. The doctor I went to did not use angled lighting to look at my acne scar and when I suggested subcision, he brushed me aside saying it is invasive and laser is a well known treatment which works wonder. I am still sore because I spent quit