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  1. Do you have oily skin? I had 100% TCA cross applied using tooth pick, and the result wasn't as expected because it left a dent instead. I researched and this is the result of oily skin type. I fixed it by having multiple application of 15% TCA cross instead and it is slowly filling up.
  2. Hi guys and gals, I hope the people here read through the exchange I have here and learn how to apply critical thinking to unknown posters such as Vika88. I suspect this individual would need other help than to fix acne scar and there are many such people around in the internet. My advice would be to do manual treatment for the severe scar and finish off with rest using laser and RF, and not at the same time. IMO, having INFINI and SUB together is not cost effective because INFINI can
  3. I presume this post was directed at me? I check once in a while because I have other things to do, like live a life, but oh well. My first video was subcision with cupping a year ago, it is was well received. I made that video after because this community will find value in it. This acne community has help me with its information about cupping, and I want to add value. Now if you watch my INFINI RF video, I treaded carefully and tried to state what is fact and what is opinion. This is
  4. Unknown poster refused to post pictures, make illogical statement, provided no evidence, make wild claims, refused science, hide behind "my unknown doctor said so". Normal mentally healthy person: please show some proof of your improvement. Unknown poster went nuts and claimed victim, "I was aggressively dismissed BECAUSE I AM NEW!!!" Thats internet for you everyone.
  5. Sigh, in the interest of everyone. Needles can cut nerves and muscle. Thus it is ill adviced to have long needles. You are thinking that long needles ONLY cause fat loss, this is a limitation of your perception. Thus, i claim your logic is flawed. To help you better understand, why not 3cm derma roller? Because you will be cutting bones. I dont like to talk down to people but there is no helping in this situation.
  6. This is my last post to you because your logic is flawed and you are unverified. The odds of tissue damage due needling into the fatty tissue is significantly less than RF. Thus, if you google, there are significantly more complains about energy device, and on MRF causing fat loss. And apart from fat loss, there are nerves and muscle so we rather not damage them. This is not a binary situation. And people who has "super duper never seen before improvement" would be inclined to post the
  7. There is a difference between no risk, and neligible risk. I said the risk may not be sigificant enough. Anyway, the burden of proof is on you, you do know that, right? For all reading this, do google search for INFINI RF and fat loss. And it would be up to you to believe this fair skin young guy/girl who said MRF give him/her "improvement like never before" without pictures. I have no vested interest in INFINI RF, so let me know if this subject is interesting enough because
  8. I stand corrected in that aspect. That would be serious damage over a period of time. Edit : I just asked my diabetic friend of 3 years, he said no fat loss at sight for the moment but he rotate the injection sites. Maybe an outlier. But i believe extensive damage would destroy the tissue. You have no idea what risk means. It means probability. That means 1 in 10 or 1 in 1000. You can say things like people heal differently, but strawman me into saying I claim everyone suffer from f
  9. I cannot find evidence online to support that, unfortunately. Puncture to the adipose tissue is not supposed to result in that, else we can all lose weight by poking ourselves. Perhaps it is not significant enough for fat loss by derma roller to be registered a risk? But RF causing fat loss is well documented.
  10. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4950457/ I was stating needle without energy should not cause fat loss. And RF has been used widely for fat reduction. I have done enough research on MRF to refute misinformation. I stated how INFINI RF should be effectively done in my video and the risk which doctors rarely advise people. The benefit is often oversold, too. Anyway, requesting for evidence is a logical thing to do and stating my disbelief due to lack of evidence is not
  11. You refused to acknowledge that subcision could be the main reason for the improvement and kept talking about how good INFINI is, harping that INFINI is gave you "improvement like never before" You refused to provide pictures when you can really not show your face with your post by blurring, and you did not give evidence of your improvement. We have no basis of comparison. I have done enough research to know that the high intensity you recommend has high chance of causing fat loss. Nee
  12. Pictures or it never happened. And your improvements could be dued to subcision and not INFINI.
  13. I did subcision AFTER and it was successful. I just put this up as a warning to people.
  14. I had INFINI RF in 2017 twice. I paid the price, so learn from my mistake.
  15. Well.. you can wait for the fillers to dissolve on its own first and see how you look. Do understand this is not life threatening so you have the luxury to wait.