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  1. Hi! I am a new member here, and just opened your topic. I am 29 y.o.female who suffered from acne since I was 13. I’ve tried everything: antibiotics, spironalactone, etc. all kinds of creams and lotions. What helped me, and my cousin is Acne Expert products. She is absolutely amazing! I used live in LA and that’s how I a found her. She will guide you online, and if you have any questions, she will be there for you. https://acneexpertskincare.com/ right now I am looking for a doctor in NYC t
  2. Hi everyone! I’d like to know which doctor in New York City did you choose for subcision ? And how much did it cost? I called Dr.Greene’s office and Dr.Yang’s office but they don’t tell you the price. And of course a consultation is not free as well. I’d like to know the average cost before I go, so I can tell my hubby how much $$$ he has to spend :-)thanks