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  1. When I had samples I used the lid of an old Bare Minerals product and tapped a little out. Maybe you could find something similar, like the top of a jar or an old compact.
  2. I used it once. It is so thick that it makes it hard to apply and make it look good. And the main problem was that it changed color during the day and didn't match my skin by the end of the day.
  3. I use a little bit of emu oil in the morning and at night I use emu oil, vitamin e oil, and aquaphor. It seems to be working really well for me.
  4. If they have sent you a password than you should be able to log in. I was able to log in the day I got the password. Once you doctor gives you a perscription and logs it into the system you must complete the quiz before you can fill the perscription. There is also a calendar that says when you need to have it filled by and other things like that.
  5. well my doctor told me I could drink coffee when I was fasting, so maybe that won't hurt you (unless you put sugar or cream in it).
  6. hmmm you might try some mineral concealers or even foundations. It might be your best bet if you want it to look natural. Just buffing on some foundation on the spot would help reduce redness. I never had much luck with makeup looking natural til I started using everyday minerals.
  7. I use baby sunblock, its the best smelling sunblock I have ever found. I can't stand that sunblock smell, it reminds me of band camp.
  8. It all depends on your weight and how long you have been on it. It is not unusual to take 80mgs a day.
  9. It seems like if he took it for 9 years straight, then it wouldn't be Roche's fault. I don't think they recommend that kind of treatment period. And how on earth did they prove that Accutane cause inflammatory bowel disease? obviously there are other things that cause it, so how can you say it was specifically accutane that caused it?
  10. hmmm the custom kit is still there for me too, I ordered it last month as well. Its like the 4th one down, maybe you are just missing it or maybe they had to take it down for a little bit??
  11. hmmm you might try MAC makeup, maybe you can go get them to do your makeup just to see how it wears. And the blotting sheets are a must, we had them at my friends wedding a couple of weeks ago (of course I had no need for them since I'm on accutane)
  12. mine are doing the same thing, it just isn't around the piercing. I guess it hasn't become bad enough to do anything about it. I guess moistrazing with something gentil might help.
  13. Well I don't know much about the topic, but my sister was on accutane and she has two healthy boys and no miscarriages. However she was off of accutane for about 10 years before trying to get pregnant.
  14. Vaseline should help, I use aquaphor at night which is basically the same thing and I noticed immediate improvement. I also have been using Vitamin E oil and Emu oil at night and then a little emu oil right before I put on my makeup. But my skin is really dry because of the accutane (well its not really dry as long as I use the oils) Before accutane I never had a problem with it drying out my skin when using mineral makeup, but it may effect people differently. And like Aria said, try the
  15. I use Fair Original Glow. I used to use Intensive until I started accutane and now Original Glow works best.