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  1. I pop my white pimples then dab some on and it gets all foamy white... beautiful aint it??
  2. Just wondering since i've ALWAYS heard it dries zits and gets RID of them!!!
  3. i was 12 when i started wearing make up mostly because my mom MADE me!!!!!
  4. I can't take it anymore!! I'm about ready to give up on life. I want to order the acnecomplex regimen but fear it WON'T work like proactiv!! :sad: If only i had clear skin i would have a boyfriend by now and loving life. And no one understands how I feel: My mom is always saying i need to pop the pimples that i have, i tell her no since i don't want more scars. I HATE LIFE WHY DID GOD HAVE TO CURSE ME ????????!!!!!!!!!!!! :sad:
  5. I have acne and i've used the wet and wild foundation and it didn't seem to bother my skin!! I used to always use covergirl foundation but found it was WAY too oily so i switched to wet and wild since it's oil free!! The only BAD thing?? They don't have much of a variety of colors so it was pretty hard finding the RIGHT color since i didn't want to get the light one or a TOO dark one!!!
  6. Has anyone used this acne solution by dr. murad?? If so whut were your results?? Good or bad??
  7. Since it's summer and i swim alot i was wondering: Does chlorine effect my skin? As far as clogging pores.
  8. HEy i used the proactiv bp lotion for two months it kinda worked anyways out of nowhere i started getting a horrible reaction from it. Wherever i put the lotion, my face would get red and swollen also the spots would be hot . I was wondering is this a allergic reaction??or was i using too much?? I really want CLEAR skin BUT am scared to use any kind of bp.
  9. Hey im new here and i have horrible acne and am debating whether to get a spray solution called EPICLEAR. I wanna know has anyone used it and if they have, did it work??